It’s 8 weeks until Christmas and those followers of our Kegel8 12 Weeks to Christmas exercise regime will have been exercising for 4 weeks now.

You may be starting to notice a difference with those embarrassing leaks already, but if not, it’s still early days – carry on and you’ll soon start noticing the benefits of a strong pelvic floor!

8 Weeks To Christmas With Kegel8

We’re on 8 weeks to Christmas as part of our Kegel8 Christmas countdown, and this week we’re focusing on the importance of posture for a strong and healthy pelvic floor. All of these small lifestyle changes add up to make a big difference and posture can make a huge difference to your pelvic floor.

When you’re sitting, try not to slouch. Try to sit with your pelvis slightly higher than your knees – this way your pelvis is in a much more natural position, and sit with both feet flat on the floor because crossing your legs can put your pelvis into an unnatural position and put more pressure on your pelvic floor.

Don’t forget Kegel8 Founder and Managing Director Stephanie Taylor’s top tip for posture:

It’s simple changes that make a big difference – just remember BBC – Bum at the Back of the Chair. Bad posture puts a lot of extra pressure on your pelvic floor, and sitting properly takes that pressure away.

We hope that your exercise is going well!