Monday 28th April sees the start of Allergy Awareness Week, and we’re raising awareness of nickel allergies. Do you find that after wearing metal jewellery your skin becomes red, itchy or inflamed? Are you one of the many women who can only wear gold because anything less will leave your ears sore? Or, do you find that the button on your jeans leaves you with a red mark on your stomach?

Chances are, this is your skin having an adverse reaction to the nickel in the metal, but many women don’t realise that they have a nickel allergy until they use their Kegel8 for the first time and find that they experience discomfort due to the nickel found in medical grade probes. But we've found the solution…

Kegel8 Guide to Nickel Allergies

Nickel allergies are extremely common, and as many as 10% of people in the UK[1] suffer from a nickel allergy. Nickel allergies aren’t like other allergies - they can affect people in different ways on different parts of the body: for example, you may be allergic to the button on your jeans, but may find that metal jewellery on your wrist does not affect you.

Even if you have never suffered from a nickel allergy before, you can develop an allergy at any time – there is no explanation as to why this might be, and there is no scientific explanation as to why nickel allergies may appear, or disappear, at any time during your life. Interestingly, it has been found that people who handle money often, such as cashiers and bank clerks are the most likely to suffer from nickel allergies but there is no evidence as to why this is.

Can I use a Kegel8 if I have a nickel allergy?

Yes you can!

Like most probes out there, our standard Kegel8 probes (ones with silver-coloured electrodes) have electrodes made from medical-grade stainless steel, which does contain a small percentage of nickel, so if you suffer from a nickel allergy, then this kind of probe may not be suitable for you.

Over recent months we have spoken to Kegel8 users using a standard Kegel8 probe and found that a number of them had suffered from discomfort and 'thrush-like' symptoms after using their Kegel8. Following research, we discovered that this was an allergic reaction to nickel.

These probes have 24-carat gold-plated electrodes and are nickel-free so that you don’t have to put up with the discomfort of a nickel allergy when using your Kegel8 electronic pelvic toner. We have nickel-free probes for both vaginal and anal use which are compatable with any Kegel8 unit. Our Kegel8 Ultra 20 Electronic Pelvic Toner includes a Kegel8 Gold Probe as standard, so you can get started with your exercises straight away in comfort, even if you suffer from a nickel allergy. Our gold probes are made using a gold plated nickel-free process ensuring they are suitable for those with nickel allergies.

When choosing a probe from our range, just look for the probes with gold-coloured electrodes – these probes are perfect for you if you suffer from a nickel allergy.

If you do find that you suffer any kind of itching or discomfort after using a standard metal probe, we recommend you discontinue using your Kegel8 for a few days to let the skin calm down. Then try again with a nickel-free probe.

In support of Allergy Awareness Week 2014, we are offering you a KE Gel worth £6.99 completely free when you purchase any nickel-free probe between 28th April and 4th May. Just enter gift code ALLERGY14 at the checkout.


[1] BBC News, (2014). Can coins cause allergies?. [online] Available at: [Accessed 23 Apr. 2014].