When making a decision on a purchase, we all like to hear what real people have to say. We recently asked customers for Kegel8 reviews by asking them, "Would you recommend the Kegel8 to a friend?" Here is a list of some of the praises we received. Just to be fair, I will also go over and address some of the concerns we got back in a future post.

Pain Relief

Our first group of ladies have found it relieves back pain associated with weak pelvic floor muscles and have even prevented surgery!

  • "It helped me not only with pelvic strengthening but also relieved my back ache that I had due to bladder prolapse. It's an excellent product and is worth every penny I paid for it!"
  • "Fixed my prolapse and my incontinence without surgery!!!"
  • "In fact I have recommended to a few of my friends. I have even said to my daughter to get one especially if she does have a baby. I feel I suffered a lot with my problems and would hate to think anyone suffering too. I feel this product is doing the trick and is saving me from having to have surgery."

Ease of Use

Our next group are happy to tell us about how quick and easy the Kegel8 is to use.

  • "Easier than trying to do the Kegel exercises yourself."
  • "I have used another product for some time with no improvement at all, the Kegel8 felt more effective immediately, and the effects from using it were felt very quickly, this one actually works, and I am delighted."
  • "Easy to use, pain-free."

Confidence Gain

Here we hear about the improved self-esteem and increased confidence in social situations.

  • "Because it works!! Gives back self esteem."
  • "It improved things for me very quickly. I'll never be normal but at least I can go out now without having to worry about pain and toilet etc"
  • "Because it helped me feel more confident to go out for a run with fear of embarrassing damp patches!!"
  • "Can deal with problem privately"

Best of the Best

Here are the printable rave Kegel8 reviews we get about the added bonus you get from having a well toned pelvic floor!

  • "It gave me back my sex life"
  • "Great sex toy if your partner is tied down what an orgasm"
  • "This is fantastic and I cant praise highly enough. It's made an amazing difference to me and my husband!!"
  • "I haven't used the cones much but I did use the Tight and Tone. It's brilliant. No more pads for dribbles lol and climax, well now I can hit the roof, hee hee! Thanks Kegel8"

Oh my! Glad we could be of assistance, ladies! I think I will leave you all with one final quote which really sums up the whole experience overall.

  • "Because it is a small price to pay to make a big difference to your life."

Do you have any feedback to share with us? Leave us a comment and we can anonymously post your praise or concern in a future post. We are also planning on rolling out a Refer-a-Friend program soon so keep checking back!