Here at Kegel8, we've received more Kegel8 reviews and even more positive feedback about our pelvic floor exercisers and we would like to share.

A while back, we asked our customers, Would you recommend Kegel8 to a friend? and the ongoing response has been overwhelming!

Pelvic Problems and Kegel8

To start off, these ladies gave us some feedback concentrating on medical conditions they are concerned with.

  • "Friend has same problem which was caused by her back op"
  • "If I had known about the Kegel8 before having a complicated birth with my first child, I may have never ended up with a cystocele. With the use of the Kegel8, my cystocele does not cause problems with my busy life."

Discreet Use

Some women were thrilled about how discrete the whole process is from shopping online to using the product at home.

  • "It's easy to use (in private, so no-one need know you're using it) you get fast results, in my case, I could feel the difference after about 3/4 weeks. It works!"
  • "I found it so effective, as it solved the bladder problem in 2 weeks, and vaginal dryness in one. I have recommended it to my sister-in-law, but don't know whether she purchased one."

A New Look on Life

Most importantly, our Kegel8 reviews suggest our customers are pleased with the added confidence they now have after using a Kegel8 product.

  • "It's a fantastic product and i feel like myself again!"
  • "I had stopped going out because I was so embarrassed wetting myself when laughing. The last 2 parties that happened to me and I went home and cried. I haven't been out since. I bought a Kegel8 and used it every night ceramoniously for about 4 months and haven't had to use it since. In fact I used it so often I need new wires to connect the probe to the machine. My confidence is growing again, I'm hoping to get a new job, meet people and start going out again, this time with the assurance that I can laugh and cough and sing out loud without wetting myself. Thanks again Kegel8!!"

Do you have any more feedback to share with us? Leave us a comment and we can anonymously post your praise or concern in a future post.