Is technology improving our sex lives? When hasn't it? Birth control pills, condoms, fertility monitors, pornographic films and vibrators were all at one point products of cutting edge technology.

Is Technology Ruining Our Sex Lives?

While some may argue that technology is actually hampering our sex lives by making us more distant, we here at Kegel8 think it literally brings us closer together.

Devices used for solo sex have been known to have benefits when we later have sex with a partner. For men it can assist with premature ejaculation by getting used to different kinds of stimulation, eventually lasting longer in bed. For women, it helps to explore their bodies finding what feels good and what doesn't. This way she can later communicate this with her partner and bring continuous mutual enjoyment. For both sexes, it provides a safe and stress free way to enjoy sex with no performance anxiety because when you're by yourself, it's all about you, baby!

Females are Taking the Lead

Women have the lead when they want to improve sex - with by far have the bigger share of the market when it comes to sex technology. We're not just talking about vibrators either.

Studies have shown that doing your Kegels improves orgasms, increases blood circulation to the genitals and heightens arousal during sex. Pelvic floor exercisers, used primarily for stress incontinence, have been found to have an amazing side benefit.

By keeping your pelvic muscles in tip-top shape, the vagina becomes tighter and more responsive during sex. Women have reported more frequent and earth-shattering orgasms (and what woman wouldn't enjoy that?!?). Wouldn't it be fun to show your partner just how tight you can squeeze them the next time you have sex?

Even using a simple machine such as the Kegel8 Exercise Cones makes an astounding difference in both vaginal tone, strength and pelvic floor strength. It really makes you wonder why more people don't use it!

If you think about it, everywhere we look our sex lives are filled with technological advances. I tell you what, I wouldn't have it any other way!

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