Dr Chris Steele has been ITV's This Morning's resident doctor for over 25 years providing much needed down to earth medical information when we need it. Here Dr Chris talks to us about our pelvic floor and the importance of keeping it in tip top condition.

Dr Chris says 'When your pelvic floor is weak and you strain yourself, your bladder will leak any time you sneeze, laugh or cough. Childbirth weakens tears and damages the pelvic floor muscles and with each subsequent child, it adds insult to injury.'

Dr Chris Steele Explains All About Urinary Incontinence

Dr Chris Steele says 'Once you hit menopause, the oestrogen levels drop and you lose elasticity and tone. Women tend to suffer in silence for an average of five years before they visit their GP. One way to treat pelvic floor problems and bladder weakness is to exercise the muscles. The use of electronic pelvic floor exercisers stimulates the right muscles in the right way for a precise work out.'