EVB Sports Shorts For Weak Pelvic Floor Muscles

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EVB Sports Shorts are innovative running shorts designed for women with weak pelvic floor muscles. Designed by Irish Businesswoman Yvonne Brady the shorts give support in the gusset area to support pelvic floor muscles. They also support the abdomen and have a discreet pouch to hold a panty liner in place for any embarrassing exercise accidents.

Yvonne is a graduate Civil Engineer by profession and took up running after the birth of her third child. It was during her training for the Dublin City Marathon in 2010 that she began to notice all what not as it should be. She set about designing a unique range of sportswear that combined style with extra support.

Stephanie Taylor, founder of Kegel8 says:

"We think this is a great idea; women need to exercise and should not be prevented from doing so by a few bladder leaks. Sports shorts like these will help women running, in gyms and even exercise classes feel confident when exercising. What's just as important as the science behind EVB shorts is the fact they are stylish and practical - we think women will love this range."

Combine EVB With Kegel8 for Leak-Free Exercise

Kegel8 user Nicky said:

"I used to wet myself when I ran. I love running but I would have to run in black lycra, with a long T-shirt and sweatshirt tied around my waist to hide the damp patch. When I ran a marathon, I used to disguise the wet patch by pouring water over my head! I also tried a tampon as the pressure sometimes helped against my bladder. I started using a Kegel8 in 2011 and within 5 months I was dry and able to manage a run without wetting myself. I'm 33 and I can't tell you how much running has meant to me; to be able to control myself again was a real achievement."

Bladder leaks, stress incontinence or light bladder weakness - whatever term you use, leaks are a sign of a weak pelvic floor and will get worse if you do not do Kegel exercises.

Wear your EVB Sports Shorts to support your pelvic floor but please don't just 'pad' the problem. Make sure you use your Kegel8 Ultra 20 Electronic Pelvic Toner and in a few weeks you'll have control of any unnecessary leaks. Of course, Kegel exercises are also great for tummy flattening and strengthening your core muscles - just like EVB Shorts.

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7 January 2013
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