Did you know those 'laughter leaks' are actually stress incontinence?

Sound familiar? Are you guilty of telling the same story? Why do we do this? Why are we so embarrassed to talk about stress incontinence? If 1 in 3 women are known to have a weak bladder, (and these are only the ones who fess up!) why are we still so shy talking about it?

Think about when it happens to you. You're laughing, you leak a little, you stop laughing and look around all sneaky as if to see if any one saw you. How many times have you noticed other ladies do the same? Do they all nip off to the loo just like you do?

Why not take the initiative and the next time you're in a fit of laughter, be the first to admit you dribbled a little, you will be surprised to find at least one other person come clean as well. Isn't it a relief to know you're not alone?

Together You Can Do Something About It

Now that you have an ally or two, you can remind each other about doing the all important kegel exercises. Or each person try out different devices used to strengthen your pelvic floor, for example Kegel exercise cones or an electronic pelvic floor exerciser. After a couple of weeks, get together for drinks and compare notes. As an added bonus, since a fit pelvic floor is key to a tight vagina, everyone will have some steamy details to spill about how things have improved in the bedroom!

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