We are still receiving your feedback about the Kegel8. Thank you very much for keeping us informed!

Today I'd like to address some of the negative feedback we received. Often times, the problems are easily resolved!

It's Not Working

  • Find it makes little to no difference
  • It's not working for me

When we ask these ladies to walk us through what they're doing, it's usually because they haven't been raising the milliamps. The plus and minus buttons in the display control the milliamp level. Press the + button until you feel the contraction and leave it at a level where you're comfortable.

It Doesn't Last

One thing we find with our Kegel8 reviews is that we get some ladies finding that it works great at first but the effects don't always stick.

  • I have used it religiously everyday but had no positive results to note
  • The difference is negligible. I did use it daily for first 4mths, but it didn't pay off that well
  • It's effects have not lasted

Just like any exercise, you have to increase the intensity to see results.

Weightlifters don't get so big and strong by lifting a pink 3kg dumbell for years on end. When you no longer feel the contractions with your Kegel8, this means your pelvic floor has strengthened to that level. Raise your milliamps a few more steps and make it even stronger. You also have to keep using it to maintain the muscle tone you've attained.

The Instructions are Confusing

  • Because the instructions are not good enough so i don't know if it works
  • Instructions unclear

Instruction manuals are well known for their lack of clarity. No matter how well anyone writes a manual, there will be an audience out there that will find it difficult.

This is why we have customer service available via Email, by phone at 01482 496 932.

Will It Break?

  • It's so much money, how do I know it will work? What if it breaks?
  • Great results but not made to last

Your Kegel8 is supplied with a manufacturers 1 year warranty as standard. However you may wish to Extend this Warranty an extra year for just £9.99. If your Kegel8 becomes faulty during year 2 we'll replace it for FREE. Please note this warranty does not cover probes or batteries, which will need to be replaced as necessary due to wear and tear.

If you have any more questions or complaints about Kegel8 or one of our electronic toners, feel free to call us on 01482 496932 or email us at [email protected]