Kegel8 Founder and Managing Director Stephanie Taylor is taking the Kegel8 brand to New York, USA, this week having been selected in the Santander Women in Breakthrough programme.

Women in Breakthrough

The Santander Breakthrough programme chooses talented delegates from small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) such as Kegel8. Women in Breakthrough is a sub-group of female entrepreneurs who have been involved with the Breakthrough programme. Delegates are encouraged to share experience, build contacts and collaborate on business matters. This programme helps businesses to grow and nurtures the UK economy.


Kegel8 and its loyal team have helped women and men with pelvic floor dysfunction for more than 8 years. In this time they have become the most popular brand of pelvic floor toners in the UK. In 2012, their hard work and dedication was officially recognised when Kegel8 was awarded with the Medilink Healthcare Business Award, sponsored by the University of Sheffield Innovation Centre.

New York

With the same passion that Kegel8 has helped women and men in the UK, the team will spread the Kegel8 word to America alongside Santander Women in Breakthrough.

‘Leaks, loss of control and lack of sensation are not part of the ageing process nor are they just a new mum thing. It can happen to anyone – but Kegel8 provides a solution to regain control and confidence in your life!’

A word from our Managing Director:

“It is fantastic to have been selected on this programme. I spoke  with the organisers at Santander and the UKTI before, and the help from them has been hugely constructive. I am looking forward to meeting the other delegates and making this trip really worthwhile.

“While in New York, I will be keeping the American market in mind. Knowing the epidemic proportions of prolapse and bladder weakness in the USA, I want to share the Kegel8 word with American women and men. The solution to a weak pelvic floor is easy, and Kegel8 will be on the frontlines sharing that information.”