Wow! What a week! With the hit of the The Sunday Times' Style Magazine article on Sunday 20 March, the phones in the Kegel8 office have been hot, hot, hot!

Women are really rallying together as our mission to raise awareness of pelvic floor problems begins to make ears prick-up with cries of 'hey yeah, I suffer from that'; from incontinence and prolapse to lack of satisfaction in the (ahem…) bedroom department…for both parties!

These are not just 'old women problems' or a 'consequence of pregnancy' - they happen to young, single women too. And they are certainly not 'just part and parcel of being a woman' - although mother-nature gave us plenty we just have to accept, incontinence is NOT included!

At long last we can stop shying away from our pelvic flaws and get to work on changing them…actually, even better than that, Kegel8 can get to work on changing them while we relax!

A Kegel8 pelvic floor exerciser applies an electronic pulse to your pelvic muscles (or kegel muscles) causing them to tense and relax intermittently with no effort from you, ensuring perfect pelvic floor exercises every time.

To manually exercise your pelvic floor muscles is a big commitment, requiring 20-40 repetitions a couple of times a day, and even then there is always that little voice sat on your shoulder asking 'are you sure you're doing this right?'

'It's far less a commitment to lie in bed toning while reading - and electrification works. I know it works because, two months ago, I was prone to acts of involuntary urination when jogging. Now I'm not' - Louise Parker, Style Magazine

So we've dabbed the dribbles, now what about you and your man? Nowadays we're not prepared to put up with losing sexual sensation because of a weak pelvic floor and too right we shouldn't! That's why we've developed the new Kegel8 Ultra Vitality…

This marvelous little wonder comes with a wider probe for better connectivity with the muscle bed and a custom programme designed especially for revitalising your sex life. Trust us; you'll really notice the difference!

Tried and tested by The Sunday Times; '...I've been assured by my husband that there has been a noticeable change!' - Louise Parker, Style Magazine