Meet Lil and Alice, The Office Dogs

To celebrate today as #BringYourDogToWorkDay, we are introducing two of the most valued members of the Kegel8 team. Our office dogs, Lil and Alice.



Meet Alice

Alice is a 6 year old Staffie/Sharepei mixed breed rescue dog.

She is very loving and queen of the office (especially at lunch time when she does the ‘rounds’). She has discovered that her ‘meet and greet’ technique is especially fruitful in the Customer Care office.

Her favourite places to spend her day are on the windowsill on warm days and in the bed under Stephanie's (Founder of Kegel8) desk when the weathers not so great.


  • Treats and other peoples lunch
  • People giving her attention
  • Sunshine
  • Tennis balls


  • Loud unexpected sounds
  • Not knowing where Luke (her master) is
  • That most men do not realise they need to exercise their pelvic floor to avoid suffering from pelvic floor disorders!


Meet Lil

Meet Lil, a 2 1/2 year old Whippet. Affectionately known as Lil's, she spends her days at Stephanie's feet.

She comes to the office daily and is best friends with Alice! More timid than Alice, Lil's may boop your hand with her wet nose, but only before quickly running back to Stephanie.


  • Stephanie
  • Rabbit
  • Alice
  • Peace and quiet
  • Sleeping in the bed by Stephanie's desk


  • Loud unexpected sounds
  • Noisy dogs
  • When Stephanie leaves the room she is in
  • The lack of public education about proper pelvic healthcare!