The difference is amazing, I can hold much longer and never have damp pants.

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Changing pads twice a day was making Ali’s life a misery!

Since getting her Kegel8 she never has accidents and can even do aerobics with no risk of leaks!

Ali used the Kegel8 Ultra 20 to get these results.

I felt down as I never knew whether it would be a good day or bad day. On bad days I might have to change pads twice a day and my clothes would be in the wash. I had reached the point of looking for help, as I knew I couldn't continue the way things were.

"The difference is amazing"


The difference is amazing, I can hold much longer and never have damp pants. I had a break when my parent's came to stay over Christmas - my mother had a stroke a few years ago and needs constant company. I got back to the machine in January and there have been no ill effects from the break.

I would highly recommend the Kegel8 Ultra 20 and I wish I had found this years ago.

The other day my children got me on the Wii Fit to do yoga and aerobics; no leakage!

I can now get up in the morning, walk the dog after breakfast and do other things before I go to the toilet. Before Kegel8 Ultra 20 I would have breakfast, go to the toilet, walk the dog, go to the toilet again. Now I can hold until I really need to - much better!

Which Kegel8 Did Ali Use?

Ali used the best selling Kegel8 with 20 clinically-proven pelvic floor exercise and relaxation programmes; it also

  • Includes the NEW innovative Kegel8 Glide Gold Vaginal Probe; comfortable to use - even with a prolapse
  • For pelvic floor exercise,sensation improvement, bladder & bowel incontinence, pain relief, and postpartum.
  • Locates and exercises weak pelvic floor muscles making them strong again
  • Noticeable results within weeks, this is a must for menopause, prolapse & hysterectomy too

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Kegel8 Ultra 20 V2 Electronic Pelvic Toner


Ali submitted this story to us and it was published 07/03/2017