Spring has definitely sprung and whilst we feel energised by the lighter nights and the bright mornings, there's no getting away from the dreaded allergies that this time of year brings for so many of us!

Our eyes are leaking, our nose is leaking and more annoyingly, our bladder is leaking! But let's turn this into a positive...

Are you one of many who forget to do their pelvic floor exercises?

Of course you are; that's why you leak when you sneeze and that's why your reading this blog. Well we want to introduce you to the Kegel Brace - a technique that will help support your pelvic floor muscles under the pressure of those violent sneezes.

Hay Fever and Your Pelvic Floor

Affecting 20% of us in the UK, Hay Fever is becoming increasingly common. There are many symptoms of Hay Fever - itchy eyes, scratchy throat - but most common of all is regular (that feels like constant) sneezing. Depending on what type of pollen rubs you up the wrong way, you may not have started experiencing symptoms yet... but trust us, they will be just around the corner!

  • If Tree Pollen is your nemesis you need to learn the Kegel Brace now; mid-March to June is peak for this pollen.
  • If Grass Pollen tickles your nostrils be pelvic floor ready May to August.
  • If Weed Pollen is your woe prepare for May to September.

Squeeze Before You Sneeze... and then some!

The Kegel Brace is really easy - when you feel that first sneeze brewing with a tickle in your nose, squeeze and lift your pelvic floor muscles as tightly as you can; this clench will prevent any leaks escaping. Now you've started... carry on! Use each sneeze as a trigger to do your routine pelvic floor exercises; relax your muscles then continue to complete a set of 10 squeeze and lift pelvic floor exercises. Before you know it this will become second nature and not only will you stop those pesky leaks with every sneeze but you'll find yourself in a great pelvic floor exercise routine!

Why not measure your progress?

The Kegel8 Pelvic Trainer is your training buddy for all your pelvic floor exercises; it guides you, motivates you and most importantly, measures you.

The Kegel8 Pelvic Trainer uses biofeedback to read and report your pelvic floor strength... you wouldn't go on a diet and not use scales to track you weight would you?

With the Kegel8 Pelvic Trainer you'll be guided through a pelvic floor training programme of fast and slow kegels for the best results. The on screen prompts will tell you when to squeeze, when to relax and even notify you if you're not doing it right (a question we all ponder when doing our kegels!)

Using its unique Squeeze Scale, the Kegel8 Pelvic Trainer will then measure your squeeze and give you a strength reading. You even get a handy Squeeze Scale Diary so you can set yourself targets to reach and keep motivated by your progress!