Top 5 Kegel Exercise Mistakes

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Top 5 Kegel Exercise Mistakes
By Kegel8 13 September 2017 142 Views

Top 5 Kegel Exercise Mistakes

  1. Using Incorrect Muscles

    Kegel exercises may sound easy, but unfortunately they aren’t. The hard part is locating the correct muscles, however, our electronic pelvic toners find the correct muscles for you every time.
  2. Not Switching Things Up

    The pelvic floor is made up of 2 types of fibre - slow-twitch and fast-twitch, and to strengthen your pelvic floor fully you need to alternate between fast and slow kegel exercises.
  3. Forgetting to Relax

    Many women think that the longer you hold a kegel for the better, but this is not true. Contracting your pelvic floor muscles for a long period of time will cause tightening not strengthening and you don’t want that!
  4. Not Tracking Progress

    Because you can’t ‘see’ your pelvic floor muscles it doesn’t mean you can’t keep track of your progress. Using a biofeedback machine like the Kegel8 Biofeedback Pelvic Trainer will help you keep a track of your ‘squeeze scale’.
  5. Giving Up Too Soon

    If you haven’t given your muscles 12 weeks to show improvement then you are giving up too soon! You must give your muscles at least 12 weeks of daily exercise to notice a marked improvement.

What you can do if you are making these Kegel exercise mistakes

If you are guilty of any of the above don't worry, you can soon rectify your issues with our range of Kegel8 electronic pelvic toners - they do all the hard work for you!

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