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Kegel Exercises Don't Work

This is quite a common opinion of pelvic floor exercises (or kegel exercises as they are also known) but the fact is if they’re not working for you, there’s a reason and Kegel8 can help.

Common mistakes


Squeezing your buttocks: the hardest part can be identifying the correct muscles. Tense as if trying to stop passing wind and urine at the same time; don’t squeeze your buttock or abdominals.


Holding your breath: breathe as normal; you should be able to hold a conversation and do your kegels without anyone knowing… providing you can talk and count at the same time!


Lift, don't push: this is essential – imagine you are lifting your pelvic floor muscles up towards your belly button. If you push down, you could do more harm than good.


Giving up: kegels need to be a part of your daily routine; the recommendation for manual kegel exercises is 10-20 contractions, 5 times per day, every day… do you hit that target?

Dr. Dawn

"If you're not exercising them (pelvic floor muscles) the problem is you could start to become incontinent and the problem could get steadily worse... The good news is that if you do exercise them regularly you can prevent it."

Dr. Dawn

How do I know if I'm doing them right?

Many health professionals recommend the finger test; insert a couple of fingers into your vagina and squeeze your pelvic floor muscles as you would when exercising. You should feel a gentle squeeze on your fingers if you are contracting your muscles in the right way.

Enlist a Personal Trainer

Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting you hit the gym and find a training buddy for your kegels! The Kegel8 Trainer is your personal trainer in the comfort of your own home when it comes to pelvic floor exercises; the on-screen display shows you when you are squeezing the right muscles, and how effectively too! It even measures the strength of your pelvic floor muscles with its unique Squeeze Scale™ so you can measure your results!

It’s your answer to keeping motivated!

"Bought this after I saw it on This Morning with Dr Chris Steele... It is amazing that I think I have been squeezing the wrong muscles - it wasn't until the probe was in place that I realised how to use the correct muscles."

Review by Pru

What to do if pelvic floor exercises aren't working

If pelvic floor exercises really aren’t working for you, the likeliness is your muscles are too weak for manual kegel exercises to be effective and we recommend you go and see your GP. But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean surgery is the only answer and it certainly isn’t the easiest option…

Kegel8 electronic pelvic toners are the home-use treatment taking the UK by storm. A recent survey showed us that 64% of Kegel8 purchases were following the recommendations of GPs, Consultants or Healthcare Professionals.

Kegel8 - 64% of purchases are GP recommended

Kegel8 - Recommended by GPs

Where there's a problem... Kegel8 is your solution

I don't have time to do pelvic floor exercises.
With Kegel8 you only need ot exercise once a day to see results in as little as 12 weeks!
I can't feel my pelvic floor muscles - so I can't contract them.
Kegel8 exercises your muscles for you using Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES). Its clinically proven programmes can help you regain the sensation you have lost.
I don't want to use a vaginal probe.
although all of our probes are ergonomically designed with comfort in mind, you can use the Kegel8 Ultra 20 with external electrodes - no probe needed!
If kegel exercises don't work for me, why would Kegel8?
The NMES used by Kegel8 has been proven to be more than twice as effective as manual pelvic floor exercises.

Which Kegel8 is right for me?

At Kegel8 we take great consideration in what you need from our clinically proven programmes; from treatment for prolapse to improved intimate sensation; general pelvic floor exercises to pelvic pain relief. Kegel8 has up to 20 programmes designed with you in mind; all you have to do is let us help you chose which Kegel8 is right for you…

Kegel8 Made in Britain

Invented, designed and proudly manufactured in Great Britain to ensure the highest quality and safety for all your medical needs.