Here at Kegel8 we get lots of questions about prolapse and exercises to avoid during prolapse. We know that many women are frightened by the initial diagnosis of prolapse and many become afraid to exercise - frightened to make the prolapse worse or damage the pelvic floor further.

By following these simple tips and exercise rules from Top Aussie Physio Michelle Kenway you can learn how to take care of your pelvic floor, and what exercises to avoid, and which ones are beneficial for prolapse. It is vital that you learn more about your prolapse and how to strengthen your pelvic using exercises, posture changes and lifestyle changes - every journey starts with a step, and in the case of prolapse, every journey starts with a Kegel.

Why are Safe Prolapse Exercises so Important?

In this film Michelle Kenway shows you the following:

  • How to exercise safely with prolapse
  • What exercises to avoid with prolapse
  • How to understand your body and prevent further prolapse with exercise.

Sound advice from These simple, easy to do exercises will help you to  strengthen pelvic floor muscles in order to prevent or treat stress incontinence, prolapse and bowel incontinence.

Michelle Kenway is the author of Inside Out - The Essential Women's Guide to Pelvic Support (Book) and DVD available at