Prevention is Better Than Cure

Health and Social Care Secretary, Matt Hancock, is promoting one of Kegel8’s key messages in his green paper this year.

The paper, entitled ‘Prevention is better than cure’, details the vision for a “new 21st century focus on prevention”. It will call for a shift towards primary and community care services, with a precise focus on early support made available to people to prevent bad health from taking hold.

At the Annual Meeting of the International Association of National Public Health Institutes, Mr Hancock is expected to underline how this new long-term plan for the national health service will aim to prevent people from slipping into poor health.

Mr Hancock is expected to say: “Prevention is about ensuring people to take greater responsibility for managing their own health.

It’s about people choosing to look after themselves better, staying active and stopping smoking. Making better choices by limiting alcohol, sugar, salt and fat.

“But focusing on the responsibilities of patients isn’t about penalising people. It’s about helping them make better choices giving them all the support we can, because we know taking the tough decisions is never easy.”

Currently, the UK is spending £97 billion on treating disease, but just £8 billion is being spent on prevention.

Kegel8 supports this movement from the Health and Social Care Secretary and encourages women and men who suffer from pelvic floor disorders, such as urinary incontinence, to take action today!

Your pelvic health is in your hands; prioritise prevention.

What do you think of the new vision for the national health service?

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