I Used a Kegel8 Menstrual Cup for the First Time and This is What Happened

Review from a Kegel8 Menstrual Cup first-time user

After reading a few reviews of a range of menstrual cups, I decided to go with the Kegel8 Menstrual Cup.

I bought Size A. Even though I have given birth, it was via C-section with no pushing involved at all, so everything ‘down there’ stayed intact (woohoo!). I’m 34, average height and build, not overweight but not absolutely skinny. My pelvic floor is strong, I have no signs of any weaknesses down there, so I thought Size A would be fine for me, and I’m happy to report, it is!

The Kegel8 Menstrual Cup has changed my life!

In fact, it’s changed my bloody life. Yes, that’s right, life changing. I didn’t know how much I hated tampons until I started using a menstrual cup. Your period can feel pretty gross, but using this cup, everything feels as clean as a whistle.

It took a bit of getting used to getting it ‘in’ – I use the C fold technique. You might want to rinse it with a bit of water first to make it easier to insert. Once inserted, you can have a feel to make sure the sides have popped open, if not you can give it a little prod wherever needed to get it opened up fully. Unbelievably, you can’t feel it in there, like, AT ALL. If you can, it’s either not inserted properly (could even be tilted) or it’s not in far enough… so maybe give it a bit of a push at the stem so it goes in a little further.

I left mine the first time for around 8 hours, and when I removed it, it was only about a quarter full. The next time I left it for 12 hours and it was less than half full, bloody marvellous. My periods are light and only last around 3 days but based on the amount this cup help over 12 hours, I’d say even if you have quite heavy periods, you’re going to get at least 6-8 hours protection before you need to remove and empty your cup.

You can wear it for up to 12 hours!

The best thing about using a menstrual cup for me is not needing to remove it for 12 whole hours. You can go to the loo (even a number 2 won’t dislodge this bad boy), shower, go swimming, or bathe without that horrible damp string making everything feel disgusting down there afterwards. Also, no more night time leaks or waking up faced with a scene from a Stephen King novel. Because it’s body safe, I wear mine at night in the couple of days before my period starts to be safe, you can’t do that with tampons! Really happy that I don’t have to waste money on tampons anymore too.

I’m converted for life!

Kegel8 Menstrual Cup

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Kathryn - Never using tampons agian!

"I'm trying to convince every woman I know to switch to a menstrual cup!! They're so much better than pads or tampons.

This cup is just as good as moon cup (which I had before) but cheaper. Love the little pouch it comes with too. Awesome, would recommend!

Sara - Evironmentally friendly and bank-balance friendly. Works for me!

"I wasn't sure I'd be able to get along with the Kegel8 Menstrual Cup after I first tried it, I was scared of not getting it in place. However this is my 3rd period and I am now an expert and trying to convince as many women as possible to change. I can't believe that I can go all day without changing, No wet string and the compulsion to change a tampon because the string is wet with wee. Sports and gym visits are a no-brainer and I literally forget I have my period without any annoyingly uncomfortable tampons to remind me! I feel cleaner and more able to handle my period which can be really really heavy as I suffer with endometriosis. I've worked out I should save over £100 in a year as I was spending in excess of £12 - £15 per month on tampons. Environmentally friendly and bank-balance friendly. Works for me! "