After suffering with cystitis, being diagnosed as being peri-menopausal and having vaginal pain during sex, Alison finally discovered Kegel8 and says it has changed her life! So much so that she want's to tell you her story and why she is a Kegel8 Ambassador.

Kegel8 Ambassador Alison's Story

I am 50 and have suffered from cystitis on and off for a number of years. On several occasions, the infection has got very bad very suddenly and because I haven't managed to get to a GP quickly enough for antibiotics (cranberry juice has NEVER worked for me), the cystitis has quickly turned into a urinary tract infection (UTI) and on two occasions lead to very nasty kidney infections. At the end of 2014, this is exactly what happened and I was off work for 5 weeks, was admitted to hospital twice and also had a cystoscopy. The consultant who saw me at this time could find no reason for my issues and was dismissive of my suggestion that I might be peri-menopausal. Although the infection eventually went, I was left with a feeling like I had cystitis all the time and used to give myself a rating of 1-10 each day: 1 meaning I felt no cystitis symptoms and 10 meaning I was in pain and couldn't leave the house or go to work and I just managed the best I could. On a good day I was a 3. I made myself familiar with every toilet available to me on every journey I took but as my husband and I travel a lot, it became very tedious when we were away in other countries and made me both anxious and depressed.

In 2015, I was finally diagnosed as being peri-menopausal by my GP who after pointing me in the direction of the Menopause Matters website, made me realise I also had vaginal atrophy which she also later diagnosed. She was keen for me to either go on HRT or try a hormonal vaginal cream either or which she said would help with the vaginal atrophy which she felt was contributing to my cystitis. Also at this time, I started having severe vaginal pain during intercourse. I used a lubricant for the first time in my life (Yes! Yes! Yes!) which helped but still experienced some discomfort.

I had become resigned to the fact that on top of hot flushes, relentless PMS symptoms, insomnia, mood swings and weight gain, cystitis was just another condition to add to the list of menopausal symptoms. However, in April 2016, I came across Kegel8 quite by accident when reading an article in The Guardian newspaper's Saturday 'Family' section about a newly single middle aged woman going through the menopause who was having sex with new lovers and very briefly mentioned the Kegel8 helping her physically have sex. I had no idea what she was talking about but immediately Googled Kegel8 and it brought me to the official website. I was quite sceptical at first about it's merits, particularly given the cost but sent off for one and started using it in May. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised and quite simply amazed at how much difference it made to my life. Firstly, with regular use, intercourse returned to how it was before I became peri-menopausal. Not only that (and I'm not sure if this is a coincidence or not) but my orgasms have become more intense and longer. Secondly, while the cystitis has completely gone, I now have days when I have absolutely no symptoms whatsoever. I also know that the more I use the Kegel8, the less likely I am to have the symptoms. In short, it has changed my life. I wish I had known about it years ago and I don't know why the consultant urologist wasn't aware of it either. I have recommended it to numerous people.

I hope this is not too detailed! But it really has made such a huge difference to my life that I am quite evangelical about it!


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