As a Registered General Nurse, Midwife and mother, Karen had to try Kegel8 and find out for herself just what all the fuss was about...

Read Midwife, Karen Morocutti's, review and why she's recommending the kegel8 Ultra 20 to new mums...

Recently a friend mentioned her difficult birthing experience resulting in a third degree tear. She was hospitalised with bladder and bowel complications following the birth of her son. Once back on her feet she wanted to help her pelvic floor recover and found Kegel8. Using the Kegel8 helped her quickly return to a normal urination pattern without leaks when coughing.

As a Registered General Nurse, Midwife and mother I had to try the Kegel8 to find out for myself. It far surpassed my expectations. So far I am very impressed with Kegel8 ... I really can't believe the muscle stimulation as opposed to doing the Kegel exercises naturally.

As far as midwifery is concerned this device can also be used as a TENS during labour so is a very good investment for patients, if purchased prior to delivery it has a setting that can be used for back pain relief prior to and during labour. I would refer it to any postpartum woman in order to tone the vaginal wall and perineum, a stronger perineum also greatly enhances intercourse. I will definitely be spreading the word about your excellent product!.

Karen Morocutti Midwife

St Thomas' Hospital, London