Do Men Need to do Kegels?

Fathers, husbands, brothers, friends. At least one person that we know is facing a health crisis that isn’t being talked about. It’s time for men to take action on their health.

Do Men Even Have a Pelvic Floor?

A common misconception – men do have a pelvic floor and it needs the same level of maintenance that women’s do! Without a pelvic floor, you wouldn’t be able to hold in urine, prevent your wind or faeces escaping, or gain or maintain an erection. So, yes, it’s pretty vital for day-to-day activities.

Where are the Pelvic Floor Muscles in Men?

Your pelvic floor muscles act as a hammock for your pelvic organs. In order to locate your pelvic floor muscles, firstly you need to sit, stand, or lay down wherever you’re comfortable. Relax your thighs, bum and stomach.

  1. Tighten the muscles around your anus as if you’re trying to hold in wind – then relax. When you do this, try not to squeeze your buttocks together or clench your stomach or thigh muscles.
  2. Now imagine that you are passing urine – try to stop mid-flow and then start again. Make sure you don’t do this whilst actually passing urine though as it can cause problems.
  3. You can see if you’re using the right muscles by placing your fingertips on the skin behind the scrotum. If you use the correct muscles, you will feel the muscles lift away from your fingers each time you tighten the muscles.

A healthy male pelvic floor vs a weak male pelvic floor.

How to do Kegels for Men?

There are two types of pelvic floor exercises for men. One exercise targets the ‘slow twitch muscle fibres’ which provide lasting support for your pelvic floor. The other exercise targets ‘fast twitch muscle fibres’ which work quickly when needed, e.g. when you cough, sneeze, or run.

Slow Pelvic Floor Exercises for Men

This exercise targets your slow twitch muscle fibres.

  1. Slowly tense those muscles you found earlier, as hard as you can so you feel a lifting sensation.
  2. Hold this squeeze and lift for 10 seconds – remember to breathe!
  3. Slowly release and relax the muscles and rest for 10 seconds.
  4. Repeat this exercise 10 times. Don’t worry if you can’t hold the lift for 10 seconds at first – you will build up to this.

Fast Pelvic Floor Exercises for Men

This exercise targets your fast twitch muscle fibres.

  1. Tense your pelvic floor muscles again, but this time tighten them as quickly as possible and release.
  2. Let your muscles relax for 2 seconds, and then repeat the exercise again.
  3. Try to perform this exercise 10 times.

You should try performing these exercises 3 to 6 times per day to achieve optimum results. If you’re finding it hard to do these exercises, it could be because your muscles are too weak to contract by themselves. Worry not, as help is at hand.

Why are Kegels Important for Men?

  • Incontinence – Kegel exercises are a great way to prevent incontinence. Your pelvic floor is responsible for squeezing your bladder when it’s time to go to the toilet and preventing leaks. By strengthening your pelvic floor, you will be able to go for longer between toilet breaks and fully empty when you’re there.
  • Erectile issues – Kegel exercises are the first-line treatment for erectile dysfunction and impotence. Just 6 months of pelvic floor exercises are as effective at treating erectile dysfunction as medication. Kegels can help you gain and maintain a strong erection.
  • Prostate health – When exercising your pelvic floor muscles, the contractions help to massage the prostate, removing harmful toxins which can build up inside.

Male Pelvic Floor Exercises with Kegel8

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5 Star Review

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