The pelvic floor can be confusing, you get advice from a friend but then see contradicting advice in a magazine, but which do you believe? You can trust Kegel8 to give you the right information - after all we are the experts.

Pelvic floor exercises are easy to do

Unfortunately, Kegel exercises are not easy to do. They can be done manually and we have a guide to manual Kegels to help you, however you can't be sure that you are targeting the correct muscles and if you are doing the correct work to rest ratio. If you over-exercise the pelvic floor muscles and don't give them time to rest this will do more harm than good.

Pelvic floor exercises don't work

You've tried doing your Kegel exercises but they didn't work, so now you don't bother. Like other muscles the pelvic floor takes time to strengthen, you wouldn't go to the gym do a few bicep curls once a week and expect to have toned arms would you? You need to give Kegel exercises time. We recommend 12 weeks of daily exercise for you to notice a difference and we offer a free 12-week exercise guide to help you.

You are too old to do pelvic floor exercises

You are never too old to start doing your Kegel exercises - start today! Whatever your age doing Kegel exercises will help you keep your pelvic floor muscles in tip top condition. Kegel8 are here to make exercising your pelvic floor easy and with external skin electrodes you don't even need to use a probe if it makes you feel uncomfortable.

You've had a baby, it's too late for your pelvic floor

Absolutely not! Whatever has caused your pelvic floor to weaken like pregnancy and childbirth it can be reversed with the help of Kegel exercises. We designed the Kegel8 Mother Nurture specifically for pre-conception, labour and strengthening the pelvic floor after childbirth.

You should do pelvic floor exercises as much as possible.

You may think that the more Kegel exercises you do the better but technically this is not true. You need to ensure that you are not over exercising the pelvic floor muscles as this can led to tightening of the muscles rather than strengthening and this can be very painful. With the Kegel8 electronic pelvic toners you can be sure that you are working and resting the correct muscles for the right amount of time.

Kegels are for women only

This is one of the main pelvic floor myths. Many women and men don't know that the male pelvic floor does exist and is as important as the female pelvic floor. The male pelvic floor works in a similar way to the females as it supports the bowel and bladder but also supports the prostate and plays a huge part in sexual function. The Kegel8 V for Men electronic pelvic toner is designed specifically for men.

Kegel8 Ultra 20 Electronic Pelvic Toner