Coital Incontinence - The Embarrassment of Peeing During Sex

"Help, my need to pee during sex has now turned into weeing during sex, I just avoid sex and it's ruining my marriage" wrote one woman desperate to find out what could help her regain control and get her love-life back on track.

Can you relate to this lady and her issue with Coital Incontinence?

The technical term for that earth shatteringly embarrassing moment you find yourself peeing during sex is Coital Incontinence (CI). Instead of abandoning yourself to pure pleasure and orgasmic delight, suddenly you find yourself becoming self-conscious and inhibited. Urinating during sex certainly puts a dampener on events, killing spontaneity and leaving those who suffer wondering what the heck went wrong.

When Passion Turns to A Damp Squib

Coital Incontinence is accidental leakage of urine during sex and a recent US study found that 1:3 women (from a total of 2,300 respondents) admitted to suffering in this way. Seems this sexual incontinence can happen for several reasons:

  • During penetration pressure on the bladder or urethra push urine out. This leaking may be Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI). SUI is the involuntary leaking of urine on exertion, such as sneezing, jumping or laughing.
  • If the sexual incontinence manifests itself with you urinating during orgasm this might be due to spasms of the bladder muscles. Usually related to Overactive Bladder (OAB) this is usually associated with both frequency and nocturia.
  • Pelvic floor weakness can lead to peeing during sex. This could be as a result of Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP). POP occurs when the pelvic floor muscles are weak and unable to support the bladder, bowel and uterus as it once did. If your pelvic floor muscles are weak you literally have less sensation in and around the vagina. As well as peeing during sex you may feel loose too.

How to Stop Coital Incontinence?

  • Do your pelvic floor exercises! Kegel8 Ultra Vitality can help by locating the muscles properly and giving a targeted work out to help you get back control in just 12 weeks.
  • Seek medical advice, your GP will be able to recommend you to a Physiotherapist or Continence Nurse who can give you a physical examination. Coital Incontinence is a symptom and it is always best to have this checked out to accurately find the cause.
  • Make sure you urinate before having sex.
  • Try different positions during sexual intercourse. 'Her on top positions' can take the pressure off the bladder and urethra. See our Sex Positions with Pelvic Conditions article.
  • Your body weight is linked to incontinence during sex, reducing your BMI will help with Coital Incontinence.
  • While you are in the middle of the Kegel8 12-week programme to strengthen your pelvic floor - why not try sex in the shower or bath, that way if you do leak, it can be easily concealed.

Kegel8 is here to help you and a healthy, happy sex life puts more than a smile on our faces, don't let incontinence during sex get in the way of your love-life, you are just 12 weeks away from improved control, improved desire and better sensations for you and your partner.

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