Shannon treated her incontinence with the Kegel8 pelvic floor exercise device.

Story at a glance

Shannon was suffering with urge and frequency incontinence.

It didn't take Shannon long to notice improvement.

Shannon used the Kegel8 Ultra to get these results.

I had frequency and urge incontinence and no children.

As far back as age 30 I was running to the toilet hourly and friends would say they had never seen anyone go as often as me. It was embarrassing but manageable.

"When I started using the Kegel8 Ultra Vitality it worked immediately"


Fast forward to about 2010/2011, now aged 52/53. I was having a leak of about a teaspoon when I sat down, coughing as you can imagine was much worse.

I was going to the toilet so often, for small amounts, sometimes just a teaspoon.

When I first purchased the Kegel8  I still remember it was like it pulled everything into place and it seemed to stay there for hours. It was about 4 hours before I needed to pee again. I followed the advice to do it daily for a few months and it was 2-3 months until things were well toned. Then I did programmes 6 and 7 once a week and also programme 9 once a week.

I use the Kegel8 Ultra after work and get into bed with a book so if anyone walks into the bedroom no problem. If I slip and forget it for a while I notice I am going to the toilet more often again.

It is something I need to keep up for life which I am very happy to do. Much easier than surgery. I have never had any problems with rectal incontinence, my problems were probably started by going to the toilet 'just in case' before long bus journeys home.

Which Kegel8 Did Shannon Use?


Shannon used the Kegel8 Ultra with clinically-proven pelvic floor exercise and relaxation programmes; it also

  • Tackles all pelvic floor problems with emphasis on sensation improvement on the unique 'Vitality' setting;
  • Clinically proven for urine and bowel incontinence, weakness, pain relief, strengthening and intimate sensation;
  • Includes the best-selling Kegel8 Gold Glide Probe internal prove for comfortable targeted exercise;
  • Proven 12 week programme to help strengthen and improve your pelvic floor muscles privately, at home.

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Shannon submitted this story to us and it was published 12/09/2017