Is It Time for Your Midlife MOT?

Menopause often carries a negative stigma. Whether it’s the mood swings, or the hot sweats, menopause and its symptoms are considered a taboo topic and shunned from the spotlight.

But, that is starting to change.

A collaboration between the menopause experts at Hot Flush and the physiotherapists at #PelvicRoar sees the launch of the brand-new #PositivePause campaign this October. Born through the lack of credible menopausal information for women, the campaign aims to raise awareness of where women can learn about menopause correctly.

75% of women in the UK say that menopause has caused them to change their lives, with a further 50% admitting that menopause has had a negative impact on them. If more women can become aware of menopause and its effects before they reach menopausal age, the more prepared they will be to take it on without apprehension.

#PositivePause Aims To:

  • Raise awareness of credible online menopause management resources for both women and health professionals
  • Make it easier for women to find information about how to have a positive menopause
  • Direct anyone and everyone to a directory on the health professional led #pelvicroar site, where you can find information about credible sites that offer women a variety of options to help themselves, from natural health options, diet and lifestyle advice, and evidence-based medical options
  • Encourage women to have peri and postmenopausal checks (a ‘midlife MOT’ for your pelvic floor)

Follow and Share the Campaign using #PositivePause

Here at Kegel8, we are proud to support the #positivepause campaign. Throughout the week, the campaign will be raising awareness of where women can find credible information about menopause.

To succeed in breaking the taboo, we need you to join in. Speak with friends and family, encourage women you know to learn about menopause and not to fear the natural change. In the run up to World Menopause Day (18th October 2018), we will be closely following the #positivepause campaign. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and share the campaign too!

Meet the Team Behind the Campaign

The #positivepause campaign is partly led by the Hot Flush team members; Ann Stephens and Jo McEwan. Ann and Jo launched Hot Flush when they were both menopausal, frustrated and overwhelmed by the range of information available online about menopause.

Forming the second half of the #positivepause campaign is the #pelvicroar team; made up of physiotherapists, Emma Brockwell, Elaine Miller, and Myra Robson.

Share your support for #PositivePause this October!


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