It's Time to Remove the Stigma Around Women's Health Conditions in the Workplace

‘Period poverty’ and ‘menstrual issues’ are not common talking points within the workplace. These reproductive women’s health conditions are often dismissed as taboo topics and hidden away from the spotlight. But, it is time that we stop ignoring these problems and recognise them as serious workplace health concerns.

See Her Thrive was launched in May 2018 by business psychologist, Clare Knox. Clare is a member of the British Psychological Society, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, and the Association for Business Psychology. Her company aims to raise awareness of women’s health in the workplace and how to break the stigma that surrounds it.

Clare has also launched a podcast series on See Her Thrive where she discusses a multitude of women’s reproductive health conditions and their relationship to the workplace, including menopause and period poverty.

In this week’s episode, Clare is joined by Stephanie Taylor, Kegel8 Founder and Managing Director, as they discuss the pelvic floor importance, top tips and tricks to improve pelvic floor health, and the benefits of using Kegel8 pelvic toners.

Listen to episode 6 on See Her Thrive, or download on the iTunes store.

Listen to the See Her Thrive Podcast on iTunes

For more information about removing the stigma around women’s health in the workplace, visit See Her Thrive.

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