Theresa's bowel incontinence was improved with Kegel8, another success story from Kegel8.

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Theresa suffered from bowel incontinence.

She wished Kegel8 had been around 50 years ago!

Theresa used the Kegel8 Ultra 20 to get these results.

Talking about the vagina is far more acceptable than talking about bowels, but I think that there are as many folk who have trouble with their bowels, but don't like to talk about it.

I personally have had no problems with constipation because all of my family suffered with piles and I had a pile by the age of 12 years old. So my doctor advised me as a teenager and I have eaten either All Bran or latterly, 3 tablespoons of Linseed with some muesli (which I prefer) for my breakfast every day of my life.

My recent problem occurred after an operation for a new knee. All went well except the drugs given to me stripped out my bowel and left me without feeling or control. After two weeks, I stopped all the drugs and ointments which helped with the healing process but NOT the restoration of the muscles.

After talking about my experiences with a very helpful Kegel8 representative, I was recommended to have both a vaginal probe, as well as a probe for the bowel. It may help others if I make a few practical suggestions... I find that the best time to use the kit is immediately after supper in the evening, or early in the morning after evacuating any residue in the bowel and before breakfast. Otherwise it can become a messy business literally!

I first insert the probe into the vagina which is simple, then I sit on the loo in order to insert the second probe into the anus, having carefully marked it with a ribbon to make sure to use the same probe each time. Removing the probes I do in the same order - first removing the vaginal probe which is simple and then sitting over the loo to remove the other probe.".

All of the above is very logical, but with the need to use the equipment daily, it is not always possible to find these times convenient, with rather more messy consequences... So it is almost inevitable with a new routine, the above times may not always not always work. I also went away for four days and forgot to take the kit with me, so had to start from square one once again.

"I wish I had heard about Kegel8 fifty years ago"


Being 87 and forgetful, going away again, I did the same thing but this time I ameliorated the consequences by doing squeezing exercises for half an hour each day, which helped a lot.

Now after a month of regular use, the muscles around my anus are stronger than they have been all my life and I can keep the piles tucked away for most of the time, which is really much more comfortable for me.

I am truly grateful and wish that I had heard about Kegel8 fifty years ago after I had my children.

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Theresa submitted this story to us and it was published 16/08/2017