Your Kegel8 Ultra Vitality Electronic Pelvic Toner is a CE approved, Class IIa medical device. It's programmes are clinically proven, and over time, can help you take control and get strong and healthy from the inside out.

We know most women are desperate to see signs of improvement, but please follow this guide carefully. To get the best results it is important that the programme plan is followed.

  1. Getting Started With the Kegel8 Ultra Vitality Electronic Pelvic Toner
  2. Getting Started With a Probe
  3. What Programmes Do You Recommend For..?


Getting Started With the Kegel8 Ultra Vitality Electronic Pelvic Toner

  1. Insert the battery into your Ultra Vitality unit and replace the cover. Make sure that you have removed the protective cap from the battery.
  2. Clean your probe with a body-friendly, antibacterial spray such as Kegel8 Cleaning Spray and wipe with a lint-free cloth.
  3. Insert the lead wire into the unit and connect your probe to the connectors.
  4. Press the on/off button once to turn on your device.
  5. Insert your probe into your vagina, keeping the electrodes facing hip to hip. A small amount of water-based lubricant, such as KE Gel, may help with insertion and improve conductivity.
  6. Choose your programme using the PRG button.
  7. Adjust the intensity of the current by holding the A+ or A- buttons until you feel a comfortable sensation.
  8. Start your programme and enjoy the benefits of a stronger pelvic floor!

Getting Started With a Probe

Using a probe for the first time can be daunting, but there's no need to stress. Follow these simple steps to make using a probe as easy as possible:

  • Clean your probe before use with an antibacterial and body-friendly spray.
  • Add a small amount of water-based lubricant to your probe - this will help with insertion and conductivity.
  • Get into a comfortable position - most women find it easier to stand or squat when inserting a probe.
  • Slowly insert the probe into your vagina and begin the session when you are comfortable.
  • To remove the probe, relax your muscles and gently pull the probe from your vagina. Make sure that you do not pull on the wires of the probe.
  • Clean, dry, and store your probe away until your next exercise session.

What Programmes Do You Recommend For...?

The Kegel8 Ultra Vitality Electronic Pelvic Toner has a number of programmes for helping you to regain continence. There are 6 programmes on the Ultra Vitality to help prevent little leaks and/or an overactive bladder.

  • P02 - Urge Incontinence
  • P03 - Stress Incontinence 1
  • P04 - Stress Incontinence 2
  • P05 - Frequency/Urge Incontinence 1
  • P06 - Frequency/Urge Incontinence 2
  • P07 - Frequency/Urge Incontinence 3

Your Ultra Vitality unit can help to improve your intimate sensations. Stronger pelvic floor muscles can ultimately lead to stronger orgasms.

  • P08 - Lack of Sensitivity
  • P10 - Building Up Endurance
  • PC2 - Vitality

If you're looking to relieve pelvic pain, your Ultra Vitality device can help.

  • P01 - Pelvic Floor Pain
  • P11 - Relaxing the Pelvic Muscle

If you're looking to increase your pelvic floor strength and avoid the problems that come with having a weak pelvic floor, the Kegel8 Ultra Vitality can help you. You can use P09 to exercise your pelvic floor and maintain strength.

  • P09 - Pelvic Floor Work Out

Who shouldn't use the Kegel8 Ultra Vitality Electronic Pelvic Toner?

  • Pregnant women* - Once you've given birth to your little bundle of joy you'll need the help of the Kegel8 Ultra Vitality Electronic Pelvic Toner more than ever. But remember to wait until after your 6 week check-up.
  • Pacemaker* - It may be possible to use the Kegel8 Ultra Vitality Electronic Pelvic Toner with your specific pacemaker, but please check with your healthcare provider.
  • If you have a form of pelvic cancer* - Why not try the Kegel8 Biofeedback Pelvic Trainer instead? It will help you to build up your strength and tone, but without the use of neuromuscular stimulation.

*Unless advised to do so and under medical supervision