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BEAC Med Perisphera U Perineal Probe

  1. Vaginal probe made from compatible plastic material this flat probe is ideal for women with mild prolapse
  2. Use with your Kegel8 electronic pelvic floor toner
  3. Gold plated metalised nickel-free electrodes, can use side electrodes separately from base if desired
  4. Can be used for EMS or biofeedback; the only probe that's Kegel8 approved!

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Vaginal probe for dual stimulation for your pelvic floor that is in particular recommended for women with mild prolapse

Connecting Lead Wires

With 4 electrodes on 2 circuits, the Perisphera U gives you optimum stimulation for your pelvic floor muscles. All electrodes are gold plated metalised and nickel-free. There are two, large flat electrodes on the base to provide global stimulation, and two ‘saddle-shaped’ electrodes on the side to offer undifferentiated stimulation to the left and right branches of the pubococcygeal muscle. For optimum use, it is advised to use all 4 electrodes, however Perisphera U’s dual channel offers you the choice to use separately when desired.

The advanced design of the Perisphera U offers you and your physiotherapists a comfortable, easy to use vaginal probe which has the advantages of global and lateral stimulation during your pelvic floor rehabilitation.

The Perisphera probe is made entirely from biocompatible plastic material. The Perisphera U Perineal Probe is compatible with bi-phasic EMG biofeedback, EMS machines or electronic pelvic floor toners such as the Kegel8 Ultra 20, Kegel8 Ultra Vitality and the Kegel8 V For Men  NMES Pelvic Toners which use symmetrical waveform, and for professional clinical use. This probe uses two or four wires with a 2mm female banana ending. Probes are provided in a sealed bag with instructions.

Perisphera U is 120mm long with 80.5mm insertable length. The probe is flat with 30mm width and 15mm depth. The 4 connective leads are each approx. 20cm in length with 2mm female sockets. The Perisphera U must not be sterilised or autoclaved. It must be cleaned with mild soapy water after each use. It is a CE mark Medical device Class 2a.

Because we trust the quality of our probes so much we extend the warranty from the standard 60 uses up to 6 months unlimited usage.

Please be aware if you are nickel intolerant we advise the electrode surface be examined before use to ensure the surface has not been scratched during storage. The probe can safely be used for up to 2 years providing all manufacturers recommendations are followed.



BEAC Med probes are now officially Kegel8 approved!

The superior quality of BEAC Med probes will make sure your exercise routine is clean, hygienic and safe every time. BEAC Med have been designing and manufacturing probes at their Italian headquarters since 1981; their range is expertly engineered to fit a huge variety of needs and body types, with unparalled conductivity. Maximise the effect of your kegels with a BEAC Med probe!

*To help extend the life of your probe and the lead wires we advise that when unplugging them you pull from the head of the connector and not from the wire (shown above) as this can damage the inside of the wire. The best way to avoid damaging them is to only remove the wires when you are changing probes as there is no reason to any other time.*


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Additional Information

SKU / Product Code 10090
Brand BEAC Med
Recommended For Vaginal use | Pelvic floor weakness | Bladder weakness | nIckel intolerance
Can be used with The Kegel8 Ultra 20, Kegel8 Ultra Vitality, Kegel8 V For Men, NMES Pelvic Toners which use symmetrical waveform, and for professional clinical use, including Biofeedback.
Included Contents BEAC Med Perisphera U Perineal Probe
Length 12 cm
Insertable Length 8 cm
Diameter 3 cm wide, 1.5 cm high
No. of Electrodes 4
Can Be Used With Biofeedback Yes
Certification CE
Warranty 6 Months
User Manual View and/or Download the User Manual

View and/or Download the Recommendations and Contraindications

View and/or Download the Kegel8 Guide To The Perisphera U
Washing Instructions Clean using Kegel8 Cleaning Spray and pat or air dry. Can be cleaned with warm soapy water (do not sterilise). Chemicals will erode gold plating and invalidate warranty.

BEAC Med Perisphera U Perineal Probe Reviews

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Customer Review Summary
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Total : 12 Reviews
Vast improvement in comfort & design
Review by Susie posted on 5 May 2015
I first used the standard probe issued when I bought my Kegel8 Ultra but found it most uncomfortable. The problems I live with mean I have severely atrophied tissues at the mouth of my vagina. Although the probe helped my internal issues, the hardness and shape of the hilt made it really painful during use. I persevered for almost a year, then finally rang Customer Services after it once more made me bleed. The woman I talked to treated both me and my problems with compassion. She listened and reassured me so I felt no shame when going into details. We discussed my options and I decided to buy the probe that she advised - the Perisphera U. It has been brilliant - no hard hilt. It has instead a flexible one that's long enough to mean I don't feel tempted to remove it with the wires. It is designed with the capacity to deliver a very strong stimulus, but by following her advice I found the right "gentle tingling" level (for me around 21) in the muscles groups quite fast. The muscles in my pelvic floor are steadily improving and the external tissue pain I got from using the other probe is all but gone.
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Review by Missy posted on 18 February 2015
I have the Kegel 8 ultra Vitality with the pelviline probe, I have found this very comfortable but wanted something a bit stronger so was advised to get this probe, but it is very painful and it keeps popping out, I talked to a customer adviser and she gave me a few suggestions as to how best to use it but it is still difficult to keep still and still quite painful to use, the other suggestion was to purchase another probe but as this one cost in access of £35 with all the extra bits I can ill afford to do this, so at the moment I am back using my pelviline.

Dear Missy
I have replied to your question on this product, I am sorry you are having a problem keeping this probe in place and in doing so it is uncomfortable. Please do not be disheartened, if the probe keeps falling out this is a sign that the pelvic floor is weak, please do not allow this to prevent you from persevering with the Kegel8 to get strong again. Please call our customer services helpline who will try to help you further. We recommend wearing tight briefs or jeans if a woman is unable to keep the probe in place - it will strengthen your pelvic floor - you might have to stay still initially and not move about but give it 12 weeks and you will notice real benefits. Please do not become demoralised and keep trying.
Here to help
Di Customer Care team
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(6 of 6 people found this review helpful)
Easy, good to use.
Review by Dib9898 posted on 2 March 2015
I upgraded to this probe on the advice of customer services who said it was particularly good for targeting the back part of the pelvic floor. I find it comfortable to use and would recommend it. I also like that it is gold plated because I am allergic to nickel.
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it is best laid down on the bed
Review by i dont have a nickname! posted on 27 November 2015
I like this probe as it is quite solid, unlike another probe I used which I managed to break as it was too fragile. This one has a 'handle' to grab hold of and so no fear of pulling the leads and breaking it. I do find I have no problem with this as I use it in the morning before getting up and last thing at night before I fall to sleep. I would never try to use these walking around as I am sure they would fall out; but laying on the bed they are much better.
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(5 of 5 people found this review helpful)
Takes time but really works
Review by Polly posted on 16 October 2015
I used this probe pre - hysterectomy .I was 'lent 'it by the hospital .They throughly recommended that post operation I buy one .I've had to wait a while ,while I fully recovered .When I went back for a check up my muscle tone had improved by 15% in only a short time.Did experience some discomfort at first but that soon went .
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(4 of 4 people found this review helpful)
Post hysterectomy post menopause slight incontinence
Review by Didge32 posted on 9 December 2015
Following advice from the Kegal8 team for my particular problem of post hysterectomy post menopause slight incontinence- since using this probe I have already noticed a difference, it is also a comfortable device that can be used sitting/laying or standing without discomfort
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(4 of 4 people found this review helpful)
Like it a lot
Review by Tray posted on 24 March 2015
I think the probe is making a real difference to my problem although i do agree that it can hurt a little if on too high a setting!
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(2 of 3 people found this review helpful)
Feel comfortable, and works well.
Review by FrillyD posted on 9 October 2015
Great, I have a 3rd degree uterine prolapse and I want to avoid a hysterectomy. so this was recommended to me. They were very helpful on the phone line and I feel positive because I am doing something to help myself and I do not want anymore surgery.
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(2 of 2 people found this review helpful)
Good when it works
Review by sylvie posted on 12 May 2016
This is a good probe when you can find and get it to stay in the correct position. I have to literally hold it in place everytime i use it so i give my pelvic floor a good workout. I was recommended this probe as the Perisize probe that i was so happy with but after two breaking on me i thought i should try a different probe. I am wishing I stuck to the Perisize as that gave my muscles a great workout each time i used it and kegel replaced it each time it broke too. Feeling disappointed.
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Review by Lisa posted on 23 November 2016
Purchased this as I have developed a nickel allergy from continual use of the probes that do contain nickel.

Only managed to get it to work once and since then it doesn't seem to be making enough contact to conduct the pulses on one channel. One channel is fine, the other won't go beyond 24 MA's.

Preferred the periform plus probe (which is only £12 when bought elsewhere).

Can't say the kegel8 has actually improved anything after months of use. Will not be wasting any more money
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Product Questions

ThIs product was recommended to me by a Kegel member of staff as I have a mild prolapse. I have used Kegel products for a couple of years and found them useful, but needed a new probe. When the probe arrived, I was surprised that the electrodes were only on one side and the instructions were very minimal and unclear. When I contacted Kegel, after some discussion it was decided that the electrodes should face backwards.

The subsequent problems that I experienced:
The flat probe is very difficult to keep flat and in position. When it begins to move or rotate, it can be very painful.
It is unclear how far the probe should be inserted. The guide of around two inches is very vague. Is this two inches of the total length of the probe or two inches of the shaft of the probe after the electrodes?
There are no instructions on programming the two separate electrodes, ie the large one facing backwards and the ones on either side. I have tried increasing the pulse on both at the same time, but then I don't know which I can feel.

If I increase the large one first to a comfortable level then increase the sides, this affects the the large one. the same happens if I increase the sides first. This can become very painful and I've found that I'm having to play around with the intensity several times during a 20 minute program, with several painful moments when the contraction causes the flat probe to move!
I'm a big Kegel supporter, but feel very disappointed with this product.

I think I may have been using the Perisphera U upside down.

1. Should the flat side with the two large electrodes be uppermost as I look at it/insert it so that the electrodes are forwards if I were standing (i.e. same direction as my nose), or 2. Should the plain white plastic side be uppermost, so that when it is inserted the electrodes are down and, if I were standing, would be towards my back (i.e. same direction as the back of my head)?

I have looked at the illustrations in the leaflet but I don't find them clear on that point. I have been doing version 1. above but think I should perhaps be doing version 2.

My problem is mainly prolapsed bladder (Grade 3), though there is some rectal prolapse and vaginal vault prolapse too. I am most concerned to stop the bladder prolapse (cystocele) worsening and hoping to improve it.

I am not clear whether you will answer my question by e-mail or whether I have to check the website for the response - I hope the former.
I have just started to use the `BEAC Med Perisphera U Perineal` probe. The manufacturers data states use 60 times. That means only 2 months life if used daily - or 1 month life if used 2 times a day. I believe you recommend changing the probe every 6 months or so.

A new probe every month (at £24 + ) doesn't seem right - so what is the "Kegel" recommendation please for the life of this specific probe?
I would like to order either the perisphere U or the H but am unsure which would give me the best overall pelvic work out. I haven't got any specific problems but am not very good at identifying which muscles to squeeze. Mainly want to prevent problems happening later on. I am 48.
Thank you.
I'm still confused about which prope is best for a prolapse - 'H' or 'U'? If the Pelviline Probe should be used in preference to the Periform probe (Pelviline is solid, and Periform is hollow) surely the same logic should apply here.
The Perisphera H is hollow, and the Perisphera U solid.

Also, I have a Kegel Ultra + (not the Ultra 20) would this probe be suitable?
I have received this probe today, thank you,very quick delivery.I find the instructions a bit vague though. I understand that the two 'saddle' like electrodes sit hip to hip, but I'm not sure which way the others should face? Do they need to be facing forward or behind??

I notice you reply to one of these questions with 'as shown in the instructions'!! the instructions provided with this product are wholly inadequate which is illustrated by the majority of customer comments I have just read. neither myself or partner who is usually brilliant with electrical things could work out how this product should be used. I have had to read all the above questions to work out how the probe should be used only to find that I should have another set of wires to actually make the probe work properly. why was I not told I would need to purchase additional leads with this probe and further more why are they not just included when you buy the probe? I really think this should have been mentioned at point of sale as I now have to make a further purchase. please can someone direct me to the product I need to buy to enable me to use both sets of electrodes on the probe as I can currently only use one at a time.

I recently purchased this probe to use with my kegl8 vitality as a replacement for the periform probe which is no longer available. I find the instructions very confusing as regards to connecting the leads. I have lots of the red/black connectors but on the instruction pictures the leads appear a different colour?
Can you advise me on which leads go where and also the best programme to use on my kegel8 vitality unit for rectal weakness as this is my main area of concern after having various ops for prolapse.


How do I connect the cables for this probe?
I am confused about which probe to order. I think I need a non-nickel one, as my current one irritates after a few minutes. I have been using the Ultra for nearly 2 years to improve my sex life, which it has done, but not as much as i had hoped. Whereas before I had no internal sensation at all, I now certainly do, but still orgasm is difficult to achieve, and I wonder if a more powerful probe, or even the Ultra 20, would make the difference?

I contacted you a little while back and was advised that the best probe for me to use, as I have a rectocele, is the perisphera u. I duly purchased a persiphera u, but it doesn't lie flat properly (i.e. not 'hip to hip') because of my rectocele; it kind of lies diagonally, hip to 'above hip' (the 'above hip' side being on my left hand side). It's not uncomfortable, but I am concerned that I might - at least in the long term - be doing myself some harm, i.e. what with the unevenness of the stimulation (with the muscles on one side being worked more than the other side) and also because the electrical current is presumably reaching areas where it shouldn't.

Also, I had hoped that the perisphera u probe would allow me to control the side plates individually so that I might put a stronger current through one side where I tend to have less feeling. Is there another probe that would allow me to do this, i.e. one that is also suitable for someone with a rectocele?

I do hope you can advise about both matters. Thanks in anticipation.

I see on the recommendations leaflet that this probes maximum current is 50 mA rms, does that mean I should take it no higher than 50 MAs or can it still be safely used up to 90 mas on the kegel8 ultra? I have a rectocele which has greatly improved using the peveline probe but am hoping this will improve my situation even more. Also the 2 large flat contact points on the base of the probe do I have them facing to the back or front or should I alternate both towards the back and front to get maximum benefit?

Thank you
I was advised to purchase this probe after using the pelviline probe, but I find it almost impossible to keep still and as it moves it becomes painful, I wish I had not wasted my money as now I am back using my original one. Why is it so difficult to keep it in one place, the instructions are next to useless.
I bought a Kegel 8 ultra 20 as I have a rectocele. The kegel8 came with a BEAC Med Perisphera O Perineal Probe, which I had no choice over. I have been recommended the Perisphera U Perineal Probe today via your chat line, for my condition. I would have preferred to have the correct probe initially.
Additionally, I have a query about the longevity of the probe/s. The booklet stated that the probe should last 12-18 (p.54) months however about a week ago, after 2 months use, a wire to the probe broke and it was not working. You have replaced this very quickly thank you.
I have noticed that the information with the replacement probe indicates that it will last for approx. 60 treatments which is a month, as I use it twice per day. This is obviously contradicting the instruction book information, so if the probe only lasts for this amount of treatments then it is rather expensive to have to replace the probe every month or so as they retail around £25.00. I am disappointed not to have read this in your advertising prior to the initial purchase.
I have recently purchased a perisphera u probe from your company. Because of my rectocele the probe doesn't sit properly in my vagina - although it is comfortable it's essentially skew whiff. I am prepared to use it like that, but I am concerned about doing so - Am I likely to do my self any damage using the probe (i.e. damage electrical pulse-wise) because it doesn't lie flat? It can't be positioned on-the-level 'hip to hip' but instead sits kind of diagonally hip to above hip (the 'above hip' side being my left hand side?
Also, how far into my vagina should the perisphera u probe be placed and will it do me any harm if it slip further back or further forward from the desired position, (which it tended to do when I tried it for the first time the other night)?
Thank you in advance for your advice on both of these matters.
Which way up should the peripheral u probe be inserted - flat gold part to top or bottom? I have had great difficulty understanding the instructions provided. Thank you in advance.
I have just purchased this probe but it is very painful it feels like an electric shock, and it moves and keeps popping out, I feel my probe from my kegel 8 vitality is much better and feel very disappointed in this purchased. The instructions are very vague, I have tried it laying down and sitting up but it is the same, any ideas?
A friend is kindly about to let me try out her Kegel 8 Ultra 20 and my dilemma is which probe to try, either the H or the U...
I am correct in assuming that the H would give an all round workout, whereas the U is designed for bottom(bum) muscle and side ways(hip to hip) muscle? and if this is the case with the U, is it necessary to repeat the routine turning the probe upwards towards the pubic bone?...
Hope all that makes sense :-)
hi just noticed it says this is only compatible with the ultra 20 so will it not work with my vitality? its just that i saw someone else had been using it with a vitality and im confused

Would I be able to sit down or lie semi-recumbently on the sofa whilst using this U perineal probe or do you have to lie down flat or walk around while it's in place? (I ask this because it looks much longer than many of the other probes that you sell.)
Hi, I have received this probe today, thank you,very quick delivery.I find the instructions a bit vague though.
I understand that the two 'saddle' like electrodes sit hip to hip, but Im not sure which way the others should face?? do they need to be facing forward or behind??
I hope Im not being a bit thick lol, thanks in anticipation. Jan