Who Needs a Kegel8 Pelvic Toner?

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Who Needs a Kegel8 Pelvic Toner?
By Kegel8 1 June 2009 73 Views
You do! All women need a Kegel8 pelvic toner! Your pelvic floor muscle is what's known as an involuntary muscle and if you don't exercise it it will atrophy, that means the mass of the muscle decreases; it can be partial or a complete wasting away. Initially you might notice the occasional “laughter leaks” or maybe reduced intimate sensation or “something coming down” these are the warning signs that your muscles need strengthening. If you want to avoid further deterioration such as prolapse you need to Kegel8. Users of Kegel8 Keel Exercise Machine

How does a Kegel8 pelvic toner work?

It delivers an electronic pulse to your muscles from the probe. This pulse makes your muscles contract, automatically making them work. This is an ideal way to exercise muscles that are weak because the machine makes the muscles work. It literally brings the muscles, fibres and ligaments of the pelvic floor back to life; when it is exercised it stimulates blood flow increasing your circulation, blood brings oxygen which in turn feeds your muscle making it strong and supportive once again.

What does it feel like?

It is really comfortable to use, you'll feel a pulling sensation as the muscle contracts.

Is it just for naughty thrills?

Not at all! It is a Grade IIa Medical Device; it makes your pelvic floor muscles stronger, and reverses the embarrassing effects associated with a weak pelvic floor. The fact that you are using a probe in your vagina means that it is getting deep into the muscle bed to do the strengthening exercises correctly. Your love-life however will benefit from a stronger pelvic floor giving you and your partner increased sensations and deeper orgasms.

How often do I need to use it?

Initially we recommend you use it once a day for 12 weeks. Select the programme that is right for you and the Kegel8 will strength your pelvic floor - you'll find that it is fast, efficient and easy. After your 12 week Exercise Plan, you can then reduce it to a couple of times a week.

Do I need to do it forever?

Like any exercise routine you have to incorporate it into your lifestyle, and then you will continue to reap the benefits of a strong pelvic floor. If you stop doing pelvic floor exercises your muscles will weaken again and all those benefits will be lost. With the Kegel8 maintenance is simple, just a couple of times a week will keep you tight for life!