Fertility Superstitions Around the World

Periods causing flowers to die? Bird poo is good luck? It’s safe to say we’ve had a LOT of weird superstitions throughout time. To some they are ludicrous, and to some they’re habit – but what’s clear is that a lot of them concern women.

Most commonly, women were (and still are) faced with a ton of bizarre superstitions throughout pregnancy. That’s why Kegel8 have gathered our most favourite, weird and downright crazy fertility superstitions across the world:

England - Walking through stone

A fertility custom that dates back over 4,500 years still takes place even today. Anyone who visits the Neolithic stone formations in Cornwall are encouraged to walk through the donut-shaped Crick Stone seven times to increase the likelihood of pregnancy.

Hungary - Wet t-shirt competitions

Every Easter, Hungary hosts its annual 'Watering of the Girls'. Yes, it's as weird as it sounds. Gathering in Hungary's World Heritage village of Holloko, young men dressed in traditional clothing throw buckets of water over young, marriageable women. The act is believed to promote fertility for the girls.

Liberia - No belly bumping

A Liberian superstition states that expectant mothers should not be touched by strangers as it's believed that evil spirits can steal a baby from the womb.

Japan - Wooden willys

Yes, it's exactly that. Each March, huge wooden penises are paraded through the town of Komaki for its annual fertility festival. Those who are trying for a baby attend the festival along with lots of tourists.

Turkey - Avoid the zoo

According to an old Turkish superstition, it can be bad luck to look at bears, monkeys and camels during pregnancy. Apparently expectant mothers should only seek out things of beauty to look at if they want beautiful offspring...

Nigeria - Virgin parade

The annual week-long Osun-Osgobo festival pays homage to the goddess of fertility. During the festival, a virgin carries sacred objects to the river Oshun where the goddess is said to live. Worshippers follow and pray to the gods for health, prosperity, and more children.

China - Burning Feet

If newlyweds want to increase the chances of fertility in their home, the groom is supposed to carry his wife over burning coals before entering their marital home. They must also not have anything blocking the front door and should never clean under the bed beyond removing clutter (sounds like something we could get on board with)!

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