The results of our recent Kegel8 survey into sex after pregnancy have been featured on MailOnline – the Daily Mail’s website, and the topic seems to have raised a lot of debate in MailOnline’s comments section!

Kegel8 Survey Featured In Today’s Daily Mail

As part of our research for the launch of our brand new Kegel8 Mother Nurture Pelvic Toner & Labour TENS, we asked both men and women for their thoughts, feelings and concerns about sex before and after pregnancy.

Kegel8 has worked with TV fitness expert Jane Wake on a fantastic guide to pre and post-natal fitness, and as the Daily Mail quotes, Jane Wake told us: “Having sex for the first time after having a baby can be a difficult conversation for many couples”. The results of our survey revealed that one in five men say that they have difficulties raising the idea of having sex with their partner after the birth of a child, and that a quarter of women were worried about pain and soreness after sex.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, sex after childbirth is the last thing on many couples’ minds, with one in four couples giving up sex altogether after the arrival of their baby.

You can read the full article today at MailOnline.