With the launch of the NEW Kegel8 Mother Nurture we've been talking to you about life in the bedroom for you and your partner after children - and with 1 in 4 couples no longer having sex, the results make for a pretty fascinating read...

pregnancy infographic

So how CAN we keep our relationship on track after giving birth? Communication is key but it's not always that easy - in fact 1 in 3 couples say the subject of sex is 'the elephant in the room' after having a baby! For many women it takes as much confidence to talk about sex with their partner as it does to initiate it and this confidence can be lost following pregnancy and childbirth due to the dramatic changes to the body both inside and out.

But much of this confidence can be regained by getting your body back in shape. Your pelvic floor has been stretched to its limits whilst providing a bed to your ever-growing bundle of joy for the last 9 months; just strengthening your pelvic floor muscles will make you feel more toned 'down there' and will even help to get rid of that 'mummy tummy' - result!

This is where Kegel8 Mother Nurture can lend a hand. 50% of women in the UK admit to not knowing how to perform an effective kegel exercise - Kegel8 Mother Nurture is an electronic pelvic floor exerciser that stimulates the pelvic floor muscles to contract in the right way... yes, it does the exercise for you! But there's more to Kege8 Mother Nurture than just an electronic pelvic floor toner - it has clinically proven programmes to help the pelvic floor muscles recover after child brith, and has programmes to treat any embarrassing leaks you may have been left with; and if you're still awaiting your new arrival, Kegel8 Mother Nurture is also designed to help you through labour as a Labour TENS Machine.

If you are still in the stages of pregnancy, an electronic pelvic floor toner is not recommended for use. However, there are still things you can do to start strengthening your pelvic floor now to reduce the risk of pelvic floor weakness after child birth and make labour that little bit easier for both you and your baby.