Unlocking a Better Period: 7 Game-Changing Benefits of Menstrual Cups

Sure, you’ve heard them mentioned before, but the thought of using a menstrual cup still makes you squirm. Yet, nearly 90% of women who use a menstrual cup love the confidence that it gives them.

There is a HUGE list of reasons why you should make the jump from tampons or pads to a menstrual cup, so here at Kegel8, we chose a few of our favourite reasons why menstrual cups are the best form of menstruation management. Read on to learn more…

You should make the switch from tampons or pads to a menstrual cup for these 7 reasons:

  1. Better for your bank – Menstrual cups have an extremely long lifespan; the Kegel8 Menstrual Cup can last you 10 years with proper care. Making the switch can save you £££s per year in period care costs. Does that sound good to you?
  2. Saving the environment – Tampons and pads can take up to 800 years to decompose, and if a single woman uses an average of 16,000 tampons and pads in their lifetime… yes, that’s a whole load of rubbish! Around 2 billion menstrual products are flushed down the toilet each year as well – costing our water and sewerage companies £88 million per year to unblock; have a quick moment to reflect how this will affect your bills… A one-off purchase of a menstrual cup can last you a decade with proper care!
  3. 12-hour wear – You can use a menstrual cup for up to 12 hours – finally you don’t have to rush to change in fear of leaking! A menstrual cup can hold 5x more than the average tampon.
  4. Body-safe – Menstrual cups are a body-safe alternative to tampons and pads. The Kegel8 Menstrual Cup is made from 100% medical grade silicone, and it’s free from PVC, phthalate and latex. Plus, it only takes what you want it to; as well as absorbing blood, tampons tend to strip away the healthy mucous that lines the vaginal walls.
  5. Detects possible Endometriosis – The measurement lines on the Kegel8 Menstrual Cup allow you to get to know your flow. It can help to tell you whether you are having a light, medium or heavy flow. Those who suffer from Endometriosis can experience extremely heavy periods – so it’s handy to know your body inside out in diagnosis.
  6. Fits every shape – Rather than having to buy several light or heavy flow menstrual management products – all you need is one menstrual cup. It suits everyone! Plus, Kegel8’s Menstrual Cup has a trimmable stem because we know that, like us, every vagina is different.
  7. Keeps you clean – Using a menstrual cup helps to reduce your risk of bacterial infections that are caused by toxins in tampons and pads; helping to lower your risk of contracting toxic shock syndrome (TSS). Plus, a menstrual cup is way more hygienic than a tampon; no more will you have to fiddle with a smelly, damp tampon string!

Kegel8 Menstrual Cup Features

Kegel8 Menstrual Cup


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