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Perisize Nickel-Free Vaginal Probe

  1. Vaginal probe with gold plated metalised nickel-free electrodes
  2. Uses two channels to target muscles or stimulate simultaneously
  3. Hemi-spherical surface allows for optimal energy transfer to your muscles
  4. Comfortable, light-weight and highly effective

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The Perisize probe is a power-packed gold-plated vaginal probe -- perfect to use with your Kegel8 pelvic toner.

Not only does the gold plating make it ideal for those with a nickel allergy it also delivers highly intensive stimulation to the muscles both smoothly and powerfully. The 4 electrodes are nickel-free making it the safe choice if you have ever suffered nickel intolerance. These 4 hemispherical electrodes are each connected to your electronic pelvic exerciser individually via two lead wires giving you independent control of each side of the probe.

Connecting Lead Wires

The ability to use your probe in this way is particularly beneficial if you have a loss of feeling to just one side of your pelvic floor muscles; this is known as asymmetry and can often be a result of childbearing as the baby's head applies pressure to one side of your pelvic floor.The ability to control each side of the probe independently of the other allows you to have the mAs (intensity) higher on the side which you have experienced nerve damage and usually do not feel the stimulation pull of your standard probe. The Perisize vaginal probe should be inserted into the vagina with the hemispherical electrodes facing down (towards the back of your pelvic floor, your bottom).

Don't be deceived by the 4 small electrodes, their hemi-spherical surface allows an optimal energy transfer to the underlying muscles - you will feel the strongest contraction ever. This powerful energy transfer makes your kegel exercising even more effective. You'll find the Perisize easy to insert with a flexible width - it can be squeezed together to make it narrow for easier insertion expanding again when in place. Comfortable and lightweight the Perisize is a world leading probe that is both comfortable, light-weight and highly effective.

Because we trust the quality of our probes so much we extend the warranty from the standard 60 uses up to 6 months unlimited usage.

Please be aware if you are nickel intolerant we advise the electrode surface be examined before use to ensure the surface has not been scratched during storage. The probe can safely be used for up to 2 years providing all manufacturers recommendations are followed.

The Perisize Probe uses both channels of your Kegel8 and so you will need two lead wire adaptors.


How to use your Perisize Probe

Kegel8 Perisize Probe for Pelvic Floor Kegel Exercise

It's easy to get fantastic results from your Perisize probe, simply follow these easy instructions.

1. Hold the Perisize probe with the gold balls facing downwards.

2. Remove the plastic bar across the bottom of the probe by sliding it forwards.

3. Squeeze the probe for easier insertion - see picture

4. Insert the probe into the vagina with the balls facing downwards.

5. Attach a lead wire to each 'tail' of the probe, then insert one of the lead wires into each channel of your pelvic floor exerciser.

6. Choose the programme that you want to use. Increase the mAs on both channels. If you suffer from nerve damage on one side, you can increase the mAs higher on this side to stimulate resprouting or regrowing of nerves for restored sensation..

7. When your programme has finished, remove the probe by pulling one side to avoid nipping.

8. Clean the probe with Kegel8 Klean and store in the original packaging.

This probe is fitted with 2mm male pigtail connectors and is compatible with your Kegel8 device via your leadwire.

*To help extend the life of your probe and the lead wires we advise that when unplugging them you pull from the head of the connector and not from the wire (shown above) as this can damage the inside of the wire. The best way to avoid damaging them is to only remove the wires when you are changing probes as there is no reason to any other time.*

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Additional Information

SKU / Product Code 82605
Brand Sugar International
Recommended For Vaginal use | Pelvic floor weakness | Bladder weakness | Nickel intolerance
Can be used with The Kegel8 Ultra 20, Kegel8 Ultra Vitality, Kegel8 V For Men, NMES Pelvic Toners which use symmetrical waveform, and for professional clinical use, including Biofeedback.
Included Contents Perisize Nickel-Free Probe
Length 11 cm
Insertable Length 6.5 cm
Diameter 2.5 - 3.5 cm
No. of Electrodes 4
Can Be Used With Biofeedback Yes
Certification CE
Warranty 6 Months
Washing Instructions Clean using Kegel8 Cleaning Spray and pat or air dry. Can be cleaned with warm soapy water (do not sterilise). Chemicals will erode gold plating and invalidate warranty.

Perisize Nickel-Free Vaginal Probe Reviews

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Customer Review Summary
5 Reviews (34)
4 Reviews (11)
3 Reviews (5)
2 Reviews (4)
1 Reviews (9)
Total : 63 Reviews
Powerful probe, good for rectocele
Review by BakeOffBrenda posted on 25 October 2012
This is my second probe, I used the standard one supplied with the Kegel8 and I saw this and was recommended it for my rectocele. I don't use an anal probe (too squeamish) but I was told by Fiona on the helpline that this would target the rectocele and back of the pelvic floor. My goodness she is right this is really very effective, it really exercises strongly and I feel a greater pull - probably because it uses both channels of the ultra. Delighted with this and would absolutely recommend it to anyone wanting to treat a rectocele because I have noticed a real difference. I have found this exercising actually seems to help with my constipation (a problem of many years) and an exercise session seems to spring my bowels into action which is a plus. I've just finished the DVD Habit about posture and exercise and I'm working to correct my posture now, so I feel very positive that the changes I have made have made a real difference.
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(37 of 38 people found this review helpful)
I didn't know I was allergic
Review by DD posted on 9 October 2012
I didn't know I was allergic, but I got thrush like symptoms from using a probe. It was only when I looked at it I realised that it must be the nickel and it was really painful. I didn't want this to stop me exercising so I bought this and all is OK. The probe is easy to insert, it sort of folds to insert so that is comfortable. More than anything though it is really powerful - I did read these are more powerful than the nickel one, and it feels very effective. So, if you are allergic to nickel in any way - don't bother with the other probes, get this one instead.
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(14 of 16 people found this review helpful)
Just been using the last week or so
Review by SG posted on 28 May 2013
I bought this probe not because I am allergic to Nickel but I liked the fact it had 4 electrodes so could probably better target my pelvic floor muscles. Although it looked very different to my other probe I found it easy to insert and comfortable once in place. I have been sitting and using it so not sure what it is like to get up and walk around with it in place yet, I find this probe good because I have some loss of sensation on my left side of my pelvic floor and I can adjust the MA's separately on that side so they are higher. The contractions seem stronger with this probe although the vibrating feeling is less. You do feel the the muscles being worked more at the back due to the position of the electrodes rather than the sides like with my other probe. I have not had any experience with discomfort on taking the probe out as I just pull the probe on one side to remove and it comes out very easily. It is too early to tell if this probe is any better for my pelvic floor but I am planning to alternate use of this probe with my periform probe.
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(13 of 13 people found this review helpful)
different, but good
Review by JAN posted on 14 January 2014
Ive been using this probe for a while now, and it really does help target the muscles, both sides of it act independently of each other so you can have different settings either side - fab! It also delivers stronger contractions by comparisson.
However, on the down side, I didnt find it very comfortable - the 'flange' part that sits outside the body seems sharp and I wouldnt contemplate using it standing up or walking around. I have also snapped a few of them,(3), (you need to pinch the sides for insertion) and it has just snapped..... maybe a slightly more flexible material would be better I cant be the only person this has happened to?? its an expensive probe so it is even more disappointing.
However, it really does deliver and the fragility is the only reason I havent given this five stars.
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(13 of 13 people found this review helpful)
The BEST Probe!
Review by Lynn posted on 23 March 2015
Thank you for bringing this probe back! Once you stopped carrying it, I tried other probes. NONE of them work as well as this probe. To those complaining please use this probe lying down, with plenty of lubricant. I get up early to use this five days a week (weekends off), and sometimes I've fallen back asleep! I also put a small pillow under my hips for extra comfort. Please DO NOT STOP carrying this particular probe!!

Thank you Lynn - we call this the 'marmite' probe - you either love it or you hate it. We love it, it is lightweight and the fact that it uses both channels on the Kegel8 means it is a fabulous way to turbo charge your Kegel8 pelvic toner. Thank you for your comments, we work with the manufacturer and we hope to have some new designs that will be even more successful moving forward.
Customer Care Team
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(10 of 10 people found this review helpful)
Review by Bimbo posted on 1 December 2012
I have always used the periform probe up to now, and in fairness I have been pleased with it. However, this one gives a much, much more thorough workout. The fact that both sides can be operated independently of each other makes a big difference. It is light weight, and comfortable to wear, I did used to get thrush like symproms with the other one, be interesting to see if that happens with this one. I havent used it while I have been moving about yet, but when I do I will write an update! I was amazed at the speed of delivery, it was only two days which I think is really good. I also had a question, and I had a reply from Emma by the end of the day- I think this product is spot on, try it you wont be sorry!!
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(9 of 9 people found this review helpful)
Doesn't Last Long Enough
Review by Butterfly Jak posted on 27 April 2013
I bought this after having a terrible reaction to the nickel in the normal probe, took me 4 weeks to heal and stop itching. This probe is a really good shape, definitely much stronger than the others and you can adjust each side independently. Used it once a day for 20 mins for 8 weeks and started to get the thrush like symptoms back, itching and sore either side in exactly the same place the gold on the probe is placed. The gold still looked ok, but under a magnifying glass you can see areas it has worn off. I stopped using it immediately and 2 weeks later am still sore and itchy, have been using eumovate cream to help. I did phone kegel8 and they were very helpful but said that the gold plating does not last long. Trouble is when using it you have no way of knowing when it will wear off as you can't really see it and I don't react straight away, when I was patch tested it took 4 days for the nickel rash to appear. She did advise to place a condom over the probe, I haven't tried this yet as I'm still sore, but it should work, not sure if it will make a difference to the strength, but guess you could just turn mA up.
In all would have given 5 stars for the design and shape, but only 3 due to it only really being nickel free for a few months.
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(9 of 9 people found this review helpful)
Excellent - actually works
Review by S posted on 25 June 2015
I found this probe very effective, and I really feel it pulling up my pelvic floor unlike any of the others I have tried. I find it comfortable and extremely effective.
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(8 of 8 people found this review helpful)
A probe that really makes a difference and fast
Review by Moomin posted on 17 October 2015
I have a partial bladder prolapse and some stress incontinence, not helped by the effects of menopause, and so this probe took a bit of faffing about with to find a position that is effective, but it has been worth it. It has definitely improved sensation after nerve damage, and greatly enhanced muscle strength. Feeling like a new woman!
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(8 of 8 people found this review helpful)
Review by Lilia posted on 17 June 2015
Yes, I must say this probe impress me in a good way. The work of the pelvic floor is really good, intense and strong and I don't use it even on a half of the whole power. The only thing is that not so comfortable to sit with this prob as parts of it sticking out. But the way this probe design require it. Overall it's one of my favourite probes so far and I even manage to find position in which Im comfortably sitting. Just experiment a bit and you'll be fine.
Do you find this review helpful?  Yes No
(7 of 8 people found this review helpful)
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Product Questions

I received the ultra vitality today and ordered this probe for it and im afraid this probe isnt for the ultra vitality exerciser? If it is how do i hook it up im super confused i attach lead wire in a area then match the colors? is there a diagram? Thanks
I have use the Kegal Ultra for 10 weeks, still not TENNA FREE, I have a prolaspe
womb (fitted with pessary ring) plus an overactive bladder, i have found a lot of improvement, would the persize probe help, also is it to early to do P9, at present In use 2 & 6

Hi, I would like to know if this tigtens the vagina quicker than the other probe kegal8 tight and tone? Its going to be my first time so would like a answer please! And thank you ever ever so much bringing this out! Saves us women from the operation table!
should this probe every be rotated from front to back to side...i have rotated it and felt a lot more sensation when in the hip- to hip position
I've bought Kegel8 trainer and just want to check if I can attach this probe?
have just purchased a Kegel8 Ultra which comes with the comfort probe. I am finding I have problems with the probe turning round and not facing hip to hip whilst using and spend more time adjusting it which is difficult as you cannot tell which way it is in without removing slightly. Could you tell me if the perisize probe would work any better or which other ones you would recommend pls. I had a Rectecole op last year and have also had a hysterectomy 12 years ago Nickel free if poss.
Many thanks
Will this probe be sold again or is it out of production?
I read somewhere but now i cant find it again that you replace it every 6 months? So I ended up buying 2, is that correct??
I have been using the Kegel8 ultra plus with the wider probe for a few months but really struggle to feel anything on the left side, nerve damage I believe.
Would this probe help to kick start some feeling?
Right side is doing great and feels much stronger. When I do pelvic floor exercises, I can feel the right side pulling up and it seems to be dragging the left side with it.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Many thanks
I originally started using the nickle free probe when I bought my kegel but experienced thrush symptoms. After experimenting I felt it was the gel I was reacting too.

I got on ok by using without the gel for a while but symptoms came back so I switched to the standard probe that came with the ultra vitality, still with no gel.

Now I am getting thrush symptoms with that too.

I have read about the nickel problems others are having so think I may give the nickel free one another go as have had such great results with my prolapse I can't bear to think I cannot use the machine any more.

Do you have any advice on how I could avoid this thrush irritation while using the probe and is it ok to use without the gel or do you think this could be making it more irritating?

Is there an alternative to the gel as I definitely feel that was also something my body didn't react well too?

Many Thanks
Hi, I have a Kegel8 Vitality that I bought about 3 or 4 years ago from you. Will this probe work with my unit?
Ive just bought this probe ( periprobe) after reading good reviews, but im not sure which way round to insert it. Should i insert the probe with the gold balls facing upwards or downwards. Im very confused and really wnt to be using this correctly so i see improvements fast. Jo
I have just received my new probe, it was delvered within two days of ordering. I would just like to know should this probe be inserted hip to hip like the other perisize probe? thank you in advance Jan
Can i use this probe on the kegal tight and tone?

Sorry again,is Perisize Nickel-Free Vaginal Probe safe for IUD?

Thank You
Can I use this probe with my kegel8 ultra plus?
Is this probe likely to be back in stock? From reading up it seems like it would really suit my situation.
Hi. I was wondering if this is coming back in stock any time soon? And if so can you please give me any idea of when.
Hi I've brought ultra 20 but the probe with it just won't work it won't go past 12 ma is this the probe I need I've had cervical cancer so had hysterectomy don't no if this is why it won't work so was going to try this but it looks very complicated to use thanks
Hi there. Bought my kegal8 in Jan, since then I've had 2 thrush infections (only had 1 in my life) and now feel symptomatic again. I believe i had the perisphera O probe to start with and I didn't use lubricant at first so put it down to that. 2nd time using the same probe but using the free sample lubricant and then KY jelly, unsure why the thrush came back but put it down to perhaps having it running higher than I should have. I then ruined my probe after using Milton to ensure I wasn't reinfecting myself. Bought the triple electrode which I am loving, the pulls feel so much stronger, also using your own brand lubricating gel and cleaning the probe pre and post use with your own brand antibac spray, but the thrush symptoms have re-occurred. I'm aware that thrush creams often contain steroids so now wondering if its a reaction and the thrush treatment is working because of the steroid and then also not using it for a week. I use prg15 to treat anterior wall prolapse and overall improve pelvic floor for future pregnancy. Any advice? Thanks.
When will the Perisize probe be back in stock please? And do I need to order additional cables to use it with my Kegel8 Ultra?
When will this be back in stock? i want to add this on to an order
Since buying my Kegel 8, my bladder prolapse has worsened, which is disappointing. I now have a ring pessary- not that it does much!
I wonder if I shd give up on the machine, or if a different probe might help? I just looked at reviews & details for the 'solid' probe,and also the 'Triple' low nickel one which is next to it on website.
Can you tell me which you'd recommend for a bladder prolapse; & should it be ok to use with plastic ring? Thanks.
Please can you tell me if you can use the Perisize Nickel-Free Vaginal Probe probe twice a day, with eight hours apart? Is there a recommended max to the MAs you should use with this probe as I note that it provides a stronger contraction. I am concerned that I do not over develop the muscles - could they become tough and hard like cartilage if they are over developed?
I have been using the comfort probe for approx 5 weeks but may have developed a nickel allergy.

Many thanks for your help.
The instructions don't say how to insert it. I've read the site carefully, and it's also lacking on this point. You really need a picture or more precise wording--not all the way down here in questions, but up in the product description where it's easy to find.

This thing is sort of a triangular plane, it has 4 spheres attached.

The best instruction so far is "this probe should be used in the hip-to-hip position, that is where the main muscle bed is and you will get the best results. Make sure the bobbles point towards your bum as the main part of your pelvic flor muscles are in this area".

Spheres don't point. Spheres are round, all around. Something apparently can be pointed, but it's not the "bobbles." Maybe you're saying "use in hip-to-hip position while at the same time try to point the tip of the probe downward toward your bum rather than straight aligned with your body." Or maybe you're saying something different. I can't tell. A picture would help.
hi i dont have any lead wires, do i need to order 2 sets?
Can i use this probe with tight and tone as i want to purchase this as i think I will benefit from.this one but dont want to order until i know
Thank you
Hi, Which probe is better to target nerve damage, Is it perisize or perisphera h.

I have been using the perisize vaginal probe for just over a year and feel encouraged that it has been helping. My cervix feels higher and I seem to have improved control both front and back. However I've just found out that this probe is to be discontinued, I'm guessing it might have something to do with some of the problems, I and some others have had such as the gold electrodes coming loose and sometimes pinching.

I am wondering, will the probe be replaced with a new and better design to this? If not, what probe would be a suitable replacement? I am worried that all my hard work will be undone if the other probes are not as strong, ie, targeting the deeper muscles at the back.


I used to use Kegel8 Electronic Pelvic Toner Probe for while .Recently I found it out less powerful.So, decided to order Perisize Nickel-Free Vaginal Probe . It is really powerful .With previous one I was able until 90 but with new one I con not go to 65 .Also doing something like bending is really painful.

Could you please let me know if I am doing in wrong way.
What is the difference between this probe and the BEAC Med Perisphera H Perineal Probe? I have just started using a kegel 8 ultra 20, and would like to target both sides of my vagina separately as there is less sensation on the left. I had 2 prolapse operations 2 years ago, along with a tvt for stress incontinence. That's fine now, and although the bladder prolapse is apparently very minor I still felt things were getting loose, hence the kegel 8 purchase.

Can you tell me if this probe has always been nickel free? I bought one a year and a half ago and would just like confirmation it is Nickel free?

Thank you.
Can I use this probe with my kegal8 tight and tone?
Hi I have stupidly broken my probe. I have poor pelvicfloor tone and a rectocoele. Which probe would be best as a replacement please? I have only once had the sensation of it actually pulling my pelvic floor up when contracting but can't replicate the feeling (don't know what I did for those few contractions). I have been using the kegel for a few months now and do feel an improvement in the volume of urine I can comfortably hold, but definitely still needs work. Would like to feel it pulling my pelvic floor up more though. If possible I would like a probe which can be used while walking about as I do not have much time for lying about!! so feel I would be able to use it much more when walking. If lying is best I would just have to use it less frequently. Maybe I could get 2 different probes??

Thank you for your advice
I got this delivered today and just wondering which probe is best for vaginal tightening? Or do all of them do the same thing? Thanks
The product description says 2 leads are included but elsewhere it says if one only has one lead, another shouold be added to the basket.Can youy clarify please and also adbise when thie item will be back in stock
I been using the prezise for a week with the ultra 20. I made a mistake and used it facing up and know it feels like my bladder prolapse.could this happen (bladder prolapse). i'm upset I'm afraid using the matching again. I don't think the kegel8 is working for me I feel is getting worse.