BEAC Med probes are some of our bestsellers - and with good reason! BEAC Med are an Italian company who have been developing and producing medical equipment of the finest quality since 1981.

Some shocking new research carried out on their probes has led us to be even more keen on them than ever - giving them our official Kegel8 seal of approval! Read on to find out why...

The first and only probes to get our official stamp of approval!

Probe Bacteria Non-medical glue means that bacteria becomes trapped in the gaps in these other probes"

Take a look at the images above – they are close ups of probes that are not Kegel8 approved.

The mucky lines around the electrodes is bacteria. Unlike Kegel8 approved probes – they do not use medical grade adhesive to create a perfect seal around the electrode.

And this means the bacteria can’t gather and breed. The medical grade adhesive is designed to be resistant to bacteria so you won’t be introducing all sorts of bacteria to the most intimate and sensitive part of your body.

You’ll be safer from infection and irritation, giving you a clean and effective treatment every time. And you can keep your probe extra safe and clean using Kegel8 Cleaning Spray.

BEAC Med's Perisphera range of probes are available in a range of innovative and highly effective shapes and sizes. Perisphera probes are the best way to get the most out of your Kegel8 pelvic toner. Take a look at some selections from the range below:

BEAC Med Perisphera AT Perineal Probe

With its super slim design, the Perisphera AT has been made for women who find it hard to use probes. If you have a condition like vaginismus, inserting anything into the vagina can be painful and unpleasant. At only 11mm in diameter with 4 electrodes, this probe is far more comfortable to use without losing any of the efficiency of the other BEAC Med probes. The angle and depth of insertion can be easily adjusted. This will take the stress out of Kegel exercises and giving you a perfect fit.

BEAC Med Perisphera H Perineal Probe

The ultra light design of the Perisphera H is ideal for people who struggle to keep a solid probe in place. The four gold plated electrodes are arranged so that they can make steady contact with both sides of your pelvic floor muscles. The top two have been placed slightly further apart than the bottom two to match your anatomy. This will give you a hugely effective workout that's really comfortable to insert and use.

Beac Med Perisphera U Perineal Probe

Four electrodes on two circuits make this probe wonderfully effective. The base features four large, flat electrodes that offer global stimulation. The electrodes on the sides can stimulate the left and right sides of your pubococcygeal muscle. You can choose to use all 4 electrodes at once or separately for more specific treatment. It's particularly recommended for women with mild prolapse.

BEAC Med Perisphera O Perineal Probe

The unique spherical design of this probe allows for easy insertion, use and cleaning. It will stimulate all of your pelvic floor muscles simultaneously, whatever position you use it in. This is because the two orbs feature gold plated electrodes all around their bottom halves, so your muscles are reached from all angles. The Perisphera O is ideal if you struggle to get other probes to connect properly.

BEAC Med Perisphera A Anal Probe

If you use your Kegel8 with an anal probe then this is a comfortable and effective choice. It can be adjusted to 4 different insertion depths, as BEAC Med know that comfort is even more important with an anal probe. The spherical end is flattened to avoid irritation if you have an enlarged prostate. This also makes it easier to insert for both men and women. The electrodes are in exactly the right place to stimulate the puborectalis muscle and internal anal sphincter, treating urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction in men and faecal incontinence in both genders.