Hab It Pelvic Floor Exercise, DVD by Tasha Mulligan FREE Exercise Band

Hab It Pelvic Floor Exercise, DVD by Tasha Mulligan FREE Exercise Band

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  • This is a must have pelvic floor exercise DVD set - includes DVD and exercise band
  • Learn about anatomy, posture and 4 separate workouts from Physical Therapist, Tasha Mulligan
  • Reduce the symptoms of incontinence, manage a pelvic organ prolapse
  • Exercise the core pelvic floor muscles safely and effectively
  • Take back control of your body, even after prolapse and birth trauma.

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Pelvic floor disorders, such as leaks and accidents, often occur as we age and have children. But they are not inevitable and you can put yourself in a resilient position by keeping them strong. When your pelvic floor muscles become weak, they cannot support your internal organs effectively, often leading to urinary incontinence or pelvic organ prolapse. Physical Therapist, Tasha Mulligan will show you the best postures to keep your pelvic floor safe. Poor posture exacerbates pelvic floor issues, and is an increasingly common issue in the modern world. Learn how to correct yours to avoid issues. Within four separate workout programmes, Tasha gives step-by-step instructions for isolating and strengthening the musculature of your pelvic floor and abdominal basket. Tasha Mulligan is an experienced Physical Therapist, athletic trainer and mother of three. With first hand experience of the symptoms of a weakened pelvic floor, Tasha readily understands the confusion, fear, and frustration it causes.


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100% worth every penny
Review by Katie
Clear and easy to follow exercises, well demonstrated with the most important bit - WHY. Why to do it this way, why it matters, knocks traditional pelvic floor exercises into the tall grass, with pointers on posture and easy ways to make a real difference, even without exactly exercising. Highly motivating, makes me want to do i t bacsue I understand the WHY. The pelvic floor muscles are the base of the core, so the knock on effect is a stronger pelvic floor, and a stronger core.
An absolute must buy, 100% recommended. Should be available to all young women in their teens to help them understand the function of the pelvic floor!
Product Rating
Worth every penny! I 100% recommend this DVD
Review by Kelly, Manchester
Worth every penny! I 100% recommend this DVD. I was diagnosed with a mild prolapse after my second child, and after nearly daily use (15-20 minute session) for about 3 weeks there has been a huge improvement and that horrible bulging feeling was gone! The prolapse exercises are simple enough and once remembered/mastered most can be done anywhere. Definitely worth a try - beats the alternatives hands down.

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