6 Easy Ways to Fold Your Menstrual Cup

6 Easy Ways to Fold Your Menstrual Cup

90% of women who use a menstrual cup love the confidence that it gives them. But getting started with one can be tricky.

The Kegel8 Menstrual Cup is a body-friendly, comfortable, and easy-to-use form of sanitary protection. Want to know how to fold your menstrual cup? Every vagina is different, that’s why you may need to experiment a little when you first come to using your cup.

There are dozens of ways that you can fold your menstrual cup to help ease insertion, so here at Kegel8, we’ve compiled our top choices into one short video for you to choose and try.

6 Ways to Fold Your Menstrual Cup

What is your favourite menstrual cup fold? Let us know in the comments below or over on Twitter!

There are so many menstrual cups – which one do I choose?!

You can remove the guesswork when you choose the Kegel8 Menstrual Cup. This handy little cup boasts a number of features:

  • Trimmable stem – because we know that every vagina is different, so our menstrual cup reflects this
  • Air release holes – no longer do you need to have the paranoia of the cup getting stuck, the Kegel8 Menstrual Cup’s air holes feature helps to prevent this
  • Measurement lines – with these handy indicators you can really get to know your flow (a vital component for those who may suffer with Endometriosis)

Kegel8 Menstrual Cup

29 April 2019
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