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Kegel8 Pelfit Cordless Electronic Pelvic Toner


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  1. Was £199.99 Now with £50 OFF!
  2. Unique Cordless Pelvic Toner from the USA
  3. Programmes to strengthen pelvic muscles and address all types of incontinence
  4. Fast acting and easy to use
  5. The best cordless pelvic toner available here in the UK

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What is the Kegel8 Pelfit Cordless Electronic Pelvic Toner and how does it work?

The Kegel8 Pelfit Cordless Electronic Pelvic Toner is a digital cordless pelvic muscle stimulator. Electrical stimulation is a clinically proven way to tone, strengthen and improve the muscles of the pelvic floor. This stimulation works quickly and easy to revive weak and unresponsive pelvic floor muscles - even when your muscles do not respond to conventional 'squeeze and release' kegel exercises.

Why should I use it?

Not all electronic exercisers are the same, and when you purchase one you need to be sure that you are buying one to target your condition so you get fast and accurate results. The Pelfit has specially designed programmes to combat pelvic floor weakness and exercise effectively for stress, urge and mixed incontinence. That's what makes all Kegel8 pelvic toners so good - the fact our machines are specifically designed for your needs - we don't do 'one size fits all' because every woman's pelvic floor is different. Pelvic floor exercises can be done any-time and anywhere and involve simple squeeze and release contractions of your pelvic floor muscles. However, in order for them to be effective they have to be done properly and, more importantly regularly. Sadly many of us give us give up to easily, instead of persevering with our pelvic floor exercises. With the Kegel8 Pelfit you accurately target the correct muscles and give them a deeply intense work-out - nothing could be more easy! If you want to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and regain bladder control with a cordless unit the Pelfit is perfect for you. You'll find that pelvic floor exercising with the Pelfit will literally bring your muscles back to life. Weak pelvic floor muscles are thin and lack elasticity - that's sometimes why we get leaks, but with intense exercise from the Kegel8 Pelfit you'll find the muscles of your pelvic floor becoming stronger as they become innervated and 'plumped up' and able to support your bladder once again. We strongly advise any woman with bladder weakness to be proactive and resolve the weakness as soon as possible, if it is ignored it can cause go onto cause other problems including lack of sexual sensation, faecal incontinence and possibly even prolapse. Its a simple solution to a simple problem - don't leave it too late! Remember the Pelfit doesn't only work on incontinence - it works to tighten all your pelvic floor and help you enjoy greater intimate sensation as well.

What programmes does it have?

  1. Stress Incontinence
  2. Urge Incontinence
  3. Mixed Incontinence

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SKU / Product Code 82631
Brand Kegel8

Kegel8 Pelfit Cordless Electronic Pelvic Toner Reviews

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Excllent product which works 100%
Review by blue moon posted on 17 March 2013

  • Bladder Weakness including stress, urge and frequency incontinence
  • Vaginal looseness and lack of sexual sensation
  • Pelvic floor exercise
I bought the Kegel8 Pelfit Cordless Pelvic Exerciser in September 2012 as I was concerned about urinary incontinence and the lack of sexual pleasures during intercourse. Within three weeks of using the product, I noticed a significant difference in my urine management and sexual intercourse. I have now used for six months and can 100% say that this product works. I now have no problems with urinary incontinence and sexual intercourse pleasures has improved.

I would recommend this product as it does work. it is also easy to use and is discreet.
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(22 of 31 people found this review helpful)
Can't believe how quickly I improved
Review by Mrs C posted on 14 April 2012

Worked in a matter of weeks, now I just use it 3 times a week, amazing change, I have control back again, can't believe it was so simple after suffering for 3 years and steadily getting worse. Didnt get my VAT back initially because I bought through Amazon, but got it back after. Good service and delivery.
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(16 of 17 people found this review helpful)
Better than the Athena
Review by O39T posted on 2 April 2012

I have used a cordless device before and really enjoyed using it, so when my Athena finally gave up the ghost for a third time I thought it was about time to give these guys a try. It works in a similar way to the athena and I use mine every 2 - 4 days depending on time limits etc.
Easy to use, feels more powerful than the athena and I wont have the problem of non-replaceable batteries so I hope this will last me for 10 years and more. Great results!
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(12 of 13 people found this review helpful)
Review by Charlotte posted on 16 June 2012

  • Vaginal looseness and lack of sexual sensation
Like one of the previous reviewers here I used to use the Athena and when it bit the dust I decided to try this one. This is easy to use and much more powerful than anything I have used previously. I couldn't bring myself to buy one with a cord because I didn't want the bits hanging out.
Easy to use, really works and the improvement is immense, I don't have any accidents and sex is back to pre-baby days.I saw the films on You Tube and I am a convert.
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(11 of 15 people found this review helpful)
Continence back after only a couple of weeks
Review by C posted on 29 January 2013

  • Bladder Weakness including stress, urge and frequency incontinence
  • Recovering from birth and birth trauma
I haven't tried any different models or brands and to be honest I wouldn't bother as the pel-fit cordless is so convenient and does exactly what it should do. I'm 38 and have not had children so was gutted when I started doing a little wee every time I coughed, sneezed or laughed hard. After a particularly bad cough and regularly damp knickers I decided enough was enough. Not disciplined enough to do pelvic floor clenches every time I stop at a red traffic light, I decided to throw money at the problem. It was well worth it. I just pop my little pel-fit in when I am reading in bed and it works its magic. I'm back to normal continence and confidence again. I'm continuing to use the pel-fit regularly though to see if it makes any difference with other talents ;-)
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Excellent product
Review by Irene posted on 31 January 2013

  • Bladder Weakness including stress, urge and frequency incontinence
As an Athena user for the past 6 years, and needing a replacement, I was very upset to discover that they had gone out of business.
However on discovering your product, I can honestly say that it is so much better and easier to use.
I was sorted out totally in a couple of weeks, and am now back to normal - no more pads and carrying spare pants for me. Thank you!!

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Product Questions

I am 57 years old had 2 children in my 20's and a Hysterectomy when I was 39, afterwards I had no pelvic floor muscles and had electronic muscle stimulation for a while as an out patient and it did get better although it was embarrassing!

As I have got older I have problems with leakage when I sneeze and also sometime I have a sudden urge that I need the loo. I try to exercise regularly and do my pelvic floor which my GP recommended but its easy to forget to do them. I have read the reviews for you products and would like to know which one you would recommend for me?

Thank you
I have suffered from stress incontinence for some years now and have just been diagnosed with mild prolapse.
I have repeatedly read the details of :Kegel8 Ultra Electronic Pelvic Toner
Kegel8 Ultra Plus Electronic Pelvic Toner
Kegel8 Tight & Tone Plus Electronic Pelvic Toner
Kegel8 Pelfit Cordless Electronic Pelvic Toner
BUT still cannot decide which one is right for me, can you please help by explaining one versus the other?

Kind regards
hi i am 54 years old and have been suffering from leaks for a few years and when i cough a lot in the winter it gets worse. i am not sure which one to get i like the idea of cordless but would be worried that it would be hard to get it out. also
can you walk around while using this or is it best to stay still ie sitting or lying down.
I am allergic to metal. Is there any metal on the probe which goes into the vagina?
I am 67 years old and previously had 2 very long and difficult deliveries when 22 and 27 years old.
Total Hysterectomy and removal of ovaries at 56 years old.
I have been increasingly aware of many of my contemporaries are suffering prolapses which I really want to avoid.
I do Pilates exercises twice a week, play golf once a week and ride my bike every now and then and have recently heard that at my age pilates is not a good idea as it puts a strain on the pelvic floor because of low oestrogen levels.
Which of your devices would you recommend for me ?
I am trying to decide which is the best option for me. I am 66yrs. had two children and no hysterectomy. I am very fit but have noticed increasing urgency and weakness of the bladder but no pain. Sometimes wet pants and when I get up in the morning just seems to flow very embarrasing.
I do like the idea of the cordless Kegel8 Pelfit as no strings to hang out but is it as powerful as the Kegel8 Ultra. What are the differences? What sort of batteries and how long do they last?
I do not nesserccarily need all the different settings to choose from just the general best most powerful easy to use pelvic floor workout.
I have been given exercises to do but want something more exact and quicker results.
Please can you advise me which of all your products you would advise for me and why.
I would be greatful for a quick reply as we are going on holiday soon.
Many thanks
Hello I am considering buying one of your products but felt it might be best to get a professional option on which might be the best model for me. I am 33 and I have had three babies ,one vaginally and two by C-section I tend to leak after urinating and also have a problem where I retail 3/4 of my 'emptied bladder' I aso find I need to use the toilet very frequently which can be a real nuisance if im out and about I often have to plan my journeys around the toilet!!

I do try and do my pelvic floor when I can but usually I forget! I really like the sound of the wireless one, only concern is the probe doesn't appear to have a stopper at the end? meaning it could travel higher into the vagina?Ive noticed that some of your cheaper models have this and wondered why this one doesn't being 'the best'? many thanks ahead and I look forward to your reply!
What product do you recommend for urge incontinence? I have been using a Kegel 8 for over a year now almost daily and the condition is getting worse not better!!! Please advise. I usually use programme 5 or 6 or 9 On the Kegel 8 Ultra
I am starting to leak urine just in the last few weeks since a car accident. I have seen a chiropractor and he recommended Kegal but I am confused as too which one to get.
I had a hysterectomy 3 years ago but still have my ovary's, i do alot of walking and pilates and am normal weight for my height. I was going to order the cordless one as it seemed better but saw a question from another lady and you recommended some other model.
Which would be best for me as i don`t want the problem to escalate.
Hi I had a c-section and I wanted to improve the sexual performance. Between the cordless and the 20 ultra which one is better. When they say the 20 ultra works on the skin does that just mean it works through the skin without inserting the probe or does it actually do something to the skin that the cordless doesnt do. Just wanted to know the difference between the two so that I dont miss anything if I buy the coedless