Kegel8 Sitz Bath and Toilet Bidet

Kegel8 Sitz Bath and Toilet Bidet

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  • Portable Bidet for added cleanliness, or Sitz bath to soak your perineum in soothing Epsom salts
  • Reduce symptoms of pelvic pain, constipation, PMS, postpartum pain & swelling, piles, haemorrhoids and more
  • Instant cleanliness or relief from pain, more convenient and economical than filling up a full bath
  • Acts as a bidet toilet seat to transform your toilet, easy to store away after use.
  • Keep clean comfortably and easily.

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Soaking your bits in Epsom salts is known to be an amazing therapy for pelvic floor problems.  Kegel8 Epsom Salts are FOOD GRADE quality meaning they can be taken internally, this ensures the safety you need for intimate areas, especially if you are recovering from surgery. Magnesium in Epsom salts has been found to really help with numerous conditions such as pelvic pain, prolapse, incontinence, piles & haemorrhoids and a sitz bath brings real relief from discomfort.

It's not just for pelvic pain or post pelvic surgery either! Epsom salts are an effective anti-inflammatory for those who suffer with piles and haemorrhoids. Using your sitz bath with warm water infused with Kegel8 Epsom Salts 2 or three times a day will help to ease the itchiness and discomfort, reduce the inflammation, and keep the area mucous free. Simply pat your intimate area dry afterward and keep the area as dry as possible (other than to apply treatment creams). 

Customer Reviews

Product Rating
Blessed relief to be able to bathe ones intimate areas and have a soothing soak with Epsom salts.
Review by Andie
Very good, We don't have a bath, and the shower doesn't allow a soothing soak with Epsom salts, which is what was needed.
Product Rating
NOT made in UK as stated in advert
Review by Shhh
It's a decent product and is what I wanted but unfortunately the ad that drew me to it stated it is made in UK. It is not. Other than that I would have given it 5 stars
Product Rating
NOT made in the UK ...
Review by Shhhh
NOT made in the UK as stated in the ad. However it is what I wanted and does the job well. Very disappointed that it's made in Vietnam tho, thus the 4 stars and not 5.
Product Rating
Great Product
Review by Mary
Arrived safe and sound. Fits perfectly and is exactly as was advertised.
Great product!
Product Rating
Great for haemorrhoids.
Review by bre
Great for haemorrhoids. Helps a lot.
Product Rating
I am suffering with a ...
Review by Nanny goodshoes
I am suffering with a prolapse this bath gives me a welcome relief having no bath only a wet room it is a comfort
Product Rating
Essential for all women
Review by Lizziebones
Bought one for myself as part of strategy to manage lichen sclerosis, and one for daughter after delivering her twins.
Really well made and easy to use. Wish I had bought this year's ago.
Product Rating
Good for pain relief from stitches and post partum perineal repair.
Review by Leilas Mum
Sits over the loo seat and helps me with my antenatal recovery. I had 13 stitches and I am still terribly sore and may have to go back to be re-stitched. This is the only thing that has kept me relatively sane and gives me relief as I bathe my bits in magnesium. Am hoping my perineum will repair and the odd stitches correct themselves.

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