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Bladder Retraining

Bladder retraining is used to train or re-train your bladder into a more normal way of functioning.  The normal interval between toilet visits (urination) during the day is every 3 – 4 hours. A bladder diary will help with bladder retraining and help you to get the intervals just right. For example, if you usually have an hour between toilet visits you would set your voiding schedule to 1 hour.

Bladder Retraining Techniques at Kegel8

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If you have the urge to urinate before your voiding prompt try to use urge suppression techniques to calm the urge. Don't do this if you are about to start something, a trip, visit or something that will mean you will miss your next voiding timeslot.  

If you get a voiding prompt and you don't need to go - go anyway. During this bladder retraining period it is important to be consistent.

Empty your bladder as soon as you get up in the morning, this starts your bladder retraining schedule

Don't follow bladder retraining when you go to bed.

Once you have followed your bladder retraining for 3 days, extend the time by 30 minutes.

Continue with this for another 3 days, gradually increasing the intervals until you are nearer the 3 - 4 hour every day.

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