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Butt Tuck and Butt Tucker

Tucking in your bottom - that makes you a 'butt-tucker'  and it means that your pelvis is not supporting your spine properly. When you 'butt tuck' you flatten your lumber spine and your pelvic organs are pulled away from the front wall of your abdomen - this means they could fall back into the vaginal space which is known as a prolapse.

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Butt Tucking changes the way the spine works and if one area changes the spine will always compensate elsewhere, this can cause pain and discomfort and possibly even prolapse.

Correct your posture and stop butt tucking - your spine and pelvic floor will benefit.

If you are pelvic exercising with a Kegel8 Pelvic Toner  you will also find that simple posture changes will also strengthen your pelvic floor.  Kegel exercises and posture correction is not only essential in the treatment for prolapse but also necessary to prevent prolapse too.

As always, Kegel8 is here to help you, call our helpline for more information.

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