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Gellhorn Pessary

A Gellhorn pessary is a type of pessary that is recommended for women with severe pelvic organ prolapse, 3rd degree prolapse or procidentia. The Gellhorn pessary is a more solid type of pessary, and help to support the prolapsed organs.

A Gellhorn pessary features a 'stem' for easy removal and insertion. If you have a shorter vagina due to vaginal surgery or hysterectomy, a Short Stem Gellhorn pessary is available.

Gellhorn Pessary To Support Your Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Gellhorn Pessary for Grade 3 Grade 4 Prolapse & Procidentia

Medical research has shown that by wearing a pessary, you can slow the 'drop' or progress of your pelvic organ prolapse.

A vaginal pessary is often recommended as a first-line treatment for pelvic organ prolapse using a pessary has helped many women over the years to avoid prolapse surgery.

A Gellhorn pessary should be inserted with the 'disc' part facing upwards and the stem pointing down.

Wearing a vaginal pessary can help to reduce the width of the genital hiatus. By doing so, the pelvic floor muscles have less room to 'sag', this in turn helps to reduce the pain and 'dragging' sensation associated with pelvic organ prolapse.

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Kegel8 Ultra & Gellhorn Pessary Could Help Your Prolapse

Gellhorn pessaries are available in a range of sizes for different women. If you suffer from pelvic organ prolapse it's important to strengthen your pelvic floor as well as wearing a pessary because this will help to treat the underlying problem. The Kegel8 Ultra features a fantastic programme especially for prolapse.

Read more about how to use a vaginal pessary including the Gellhorn Pessary and Short Stem Gellhorn Pessary and view the Pessary Comparison Chart at

Kegel8 and Pessary Use

Kegel exercises with a pessary, vaginal weights, or other pelvic toner such as a Kegel8 will make your Kegels more effective in a shorter amount of time. The use of these devices provides “resistance” which, as with any muscle training, makes it more effective faster. What happens is that when you wear a pessary during the day it causes you to perform pelvic floor exercises in an isotonic fashion, unconsciously (to keep the pessary in place). This is probably the mechanism by which using a vaginal pessary decreases the size of the genital hiatus ('sagging' or widening of the pelvic floor).

  • Clinical studies show that after just 3 months of pessary use, genital hiatus size decreased significantly. Pessary use results in significant anatomic changes to the genital hiatus in patients with pelvic organ prolapse1.

1 Effect of Pessary Use on Genital Hiatus Measurements in Women With Pelvic Organ Prolapse - Jones, Keisha MD; Yang, Linda MD; Lowder, Jerry L. MD; Meyn, Leslie MS; Ellison, Rennique; Zyczynski, Halina M. MD; Moalli, Pamela MD, PhD; Lee, Ted MD

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  • If you suffer prolapse it's important to Kegel exercise as well as wearing a pessary. The most effective way to do pelvic floor exercise is with a Kegel8!
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