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Nocturnal enuresis

Nocturnal enuresis Kegel8 will help

What is Nocturnal Enuresis?

Nocturnal enuresis is commonly called bedwetting, and it describes the involuntary urination while asleep after the age at which bladder control usually occurs.

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Nocturnal enuresis is considered primary (PNE) when a child has not yet had a prolonged period of being dry.

Secondary nocturnal enuresis (SNE) is when a child or adult begins wetting again after having stayed dry.

One person in every 100 may be affected throughout adult life and many people never seek help because they are too embarrassed.

Kegel8 can help with all bladder problems. By strengthening the pelvic floor you'll be able to urinate better and be less likely to need to go to the loo during the night. The Kegel8 Ultra 20 has programmes to treat the two major causes of nocturia – for an overactive bladder and for a general pelvic floor weakness.

Pelvic floor exercise with one of our Kegel8 Ultra devices can also help the symptoms of a prolapse (one of the major causes of nocturia).

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