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Ring Pessary

A ring pessary is a type of pessary that is recommended for help with stress urinary incontinence. A cystocele (bladder prolapse) is treated with a 'ring pessary with support' - one with a filled-in centre.

Various symptoms can also be addressed by one pessary, for instance if you have stress incontinence and cystocele you would benefit most from a ring pessary ring with both support and a knob (as shown in the diagram below)

Stress urinary incontinence can also be treated with a ring pessary with knob (as shown in the diagram below)

Ring Pessary Success is Clinically Proven

Vaginal ring pessary in placeMedical research shows that a ring pessary can actually slow the development of pelvic organ prolapse and also improve the severity of prolapse. When used in conjunction with kegel exercises a ring pessary can be particularly effective.

Clinical studies have shown that genital hiatus wideness can be reduced with ring pessary use. The wider the genital hiatus the more relaxation or 'sag' in the pelvic floor muscles.

Ring pessary use reduces the genital hiatus width sometimes after just just 2 weeks of use - others can range up to 3 months of use.

 Reducing the width of the genital hiatus can reduce your chance of prolapse. Wearing a ring pessary can also be a preventative measure against prolapse as well as for incontinence and existing pelvic organ prolapse, especially in sportswomen and those doing heavy lifting and manual work.

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Kegel8 and Pessary Use

Kegel exercises with a pessary in place or by using vaginal weights, or other pelvic toners such as a Kegel8 will make your pelvic floor exercise even more effective in a far shorter amount of time. The use of these 'resistance' devices (as with any muscle training) makes pelvic exercising more effective faster. What happens is that when you wear a pessary is that it causes you to perform pelvic floor exercises unconsciously (isotonic) to hold the pessary in position. This is probably the mechanism by which using a vaginal pessary decreases the size of the genital hiatus ('sagging' or widening of the pelvic floor).

  • Clinical studies show that after just 3 months of pessary use, genital hiatus size decreased significantly. Pessary use results in significant anatomical changes to the genital hiatus in patients with pelvic organ prolapse1.

1 Effect of Pessary Use on Genital Hiatus Measurements in Women With Pelvic Organ Prolapse - Jones, Keisha MD; Yang, Linda MD; Lowder, Jerry L. MD; Meyn, Leslie MS; Ellison, Rennique; Zyczynski, Halina M. MD; Moalli, Pamela MD, PhD; Lee, Ted MD

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  • Clinical Evidence1 shows that the use of a pessary can slow the development or severity of your  prolapse and could also help to make your prolapse less severe.
  • If you suffer prolapse it is really important to Kegel exercise as well as wearing a pessary. The most effective way to do pelvic floor exercise is with a Kegel8!
  • Pelvic Floor Exercise and a Ring Pessary can prevent prolpase - start now!
  • Stress incontinence can be helped by using a ring pessary, read more about Stress incontinence