Kegel8 V For Men Pelvic Toner

Kegel8 V For Men Pelvic Toner

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  • Revolutionary digital pelvic floor toner designed especially for men, to tone, strengthen and invigorate the pelvic floor muscles
  • The best pelvic floor toner for men that can be used with an anal probe OR external skin electrodes
  • NEW 'Smile' feature enables you to see AND feel the pelvic floor muscles contracting for optimum strength & functionality
  • Regain bladder control, achieve stronger erections, and much more
  • See a noticeable improvement in bladder weakness within weeks
  • Expertly developed in the UK with leading pelvic health clinicians for outstanding results

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Kegel8 V for Men

E-stim power to automatically work on:

Pelvic floor strengthening


Erectile dysfunction


Leaks & sensitive bladder


Post surgery rehabilitation


More programmes for men


What our customers say about the V For Men Pelvic Toner

Highly recommended
I only wish there were more programs but then a mans body isn't as complicated as a woman's body. I suffer from weak anal muscles due to a sitting down job and lack of excercise so I often have a problem after using the toilet. I ve had this unit for over a week and already feel my problem isn't as bad as it was. For you men that are uncomfortable with the thought of something being stuck in your ass, face it ... We are human, we are not mechanical. I m not gay but I d rather accept something what is and once you get past that taboo way of thinking and accept it for what it is you ll feel better. I ve had endoscopy and colonoscopy and much rather would have the camera up my backside than down my throat. I suffer also from premature ejaculation so watch this space as to whether or not this unit helps. It's not cheap at £150+ but worth every penny. I ve tried manual kegel excercise but it's not enough and at 45 this problem will definitely take the "man" out of you. Bite the bullet and take a chance on it! You won't regret.


If you haven’t,why not?
Although not leak free,the improvement in the last 12 weeks is impressive,in fact,there has been more improvement in 3 months than in the previous 9 months since my surgery. I just wish I had tried it sooner.


Very satisfied with result
Thank you for this excellent device....I have been using it for several weeks now and can say that there is a significant improvement to continence and pelvic floor muscles. I can recommend it to anyone suffering problems similar to mine.


Very happy with my improvement.
suffer from both ED and Benign Prostatic Enlargement. I have been using the Kegel8 since I purchased it some weeks ago. I have to say that I have noticed an improvement In my ED, sometimes spectacularly so! I have also noticed, although I din't purchase it for this, a significant improvement in the number of times I have to get up in the night to go to the toilet. On three night last week I slept right through with no interruptions, something that hasn't happened for a very long time.I am continuing to use on Pr5 for erections and hope to see some more improvement, although I am currently happy with what I have achieved do far. Results don't come overnight, you do have to persevere for a few weeks, but I am a very happy man so far. I use the anal probe, and with plenty of gel, it is not uncomfortable, nor unpleasant to use, you do, obviously, have to be scrupulous about hygiene.


What’s in the box?

The Kegel8 V For Men comes with everything you need to start strengthening your pelvic floor right away, including 4 x external electrodes for those reluctant to use a probe.

  • Kegel8 V For Men Electronic Pelvic Toner
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Slim Pelvic Toner Probe
  • 4 x Electrode Pads
  • 2 x Lead Wires
  • 9V Battery
  • Carry Case
  • Kegel8 Exercise Gel 5ml

How it works

  • Week 1

    With your sessions your toner will help you find your pelvic floor muscles

  • Week 4

    You'll start to feel a real difference. More control, less leaks, more confidence

  • Week 12

    Your pelvic floor is strong and you're living life without leaks and sudden urges!

  • Customer Reviews

    Product Rating
    Instructions are poor
    Review by Lawrence
    I'm gradually getting used to the Toner but it took me ages to get my head round the instructions. The same information on each programme was unnecessarily replicated each time. There was no information on what the differences were between incontinence 1, 2 and 3. There also seemed to be no information about why the different programmes helped each condition - I realise it wouldn't be on the instructions but it would have helped to have an overview of it somewhere. It remains unclear to me if I need to use Channels A and B when attaching the probe and what level to set each channel if that's the correct thing to do. One of the programmes said 30 mins on the device while on the instructions it said 20 mins can't remember which one, I think it was 3). However, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will make a difference to me in time.
    Product Rating
    If you haven’t,why not?
    Review by Happyjack
    Although not leak free,the improvement in the last 12 weeks is impressive,in fact,there has been more improvement in 3 months than in the previous 9 months since my surgery.
    I just wish I had tried it sooner.
    Product Rating
    Kegel8 V
    Review by deecee
    I've been using the Kegel8 twice a day for over a month now to try and ovecome/improve my urinary stress incontinence.
    I haven't noticed any improvement yet and am a bit disappointed, but maybe it's early days so I will continue using it for the full recommended three months.
    Product Rating
    Kegel8 for Men Pelvi Toner
    Review by Lawrence
    Too early to say if it accomplishes the task but initial opinion that is good product and fairly easier to use, perhaps instructions could be clearly especially the link between using the sensitivity test program and what setting to use on the set program. The instruction for position of the electronic sensor pads for external use not clear enough i.e. do you use as pair or 4 pads see diagram with quick start up.

    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for reviewing the Kegel V for Men.

    In regards to the points above:

    * When using the sensitivity program - If you are not able to feel any sensation below 50 mA's when using the probe or 15 mA's when
    using the skin pads you should continue using this program twice a day for 4 weeks before moving onto the working programs which are PO2 onwards
    If you can feel any type of sensation then you can stop PO1 and start working on your pelvic floor with programs PO2 onwards

    *Ma settings vary from person to person so we advise you to set them so they are strong but not uncomfortable and not to go higher then 50 with the probe/15 with the skin pads

    *With the skin electrodes you can use any of the 3 sequences that is shown in the diagrams

    The Kegels are medically graded devices and the instructions have to be written to a set standard.

    However we do include a quick start guide and if you have any questions, please dont hesitate to give our
    customer services team a call on 01482 496 932.

    Kind Regards

    Product Rating
    Getting there
    Review by Johnb
    Having had a Prostotectomy in Feb 2017,I realised 9 months down the line that any improvement in bladder control had virtually stalled.
    Doing some research I decided on the Kegel 8,even though I was a little apprehensive about the probe,this turned out to not be a problem at all.
    I am now 6 weeks in,and although I am far from “dry”,there has been some improvement,not only in bladder control,but in the number of times a night I have to get up.
    Wether I will be dry after the 12 week course,is another thing,but if not I shall just do the whole course again.
    If I have a criticism,it is with the backstop on the probe,which can easily come adrift.

    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for your review.

    It sounds as though you are making excellent progress with your Kegel.

    The average time for results to come through is around 12-16 weeks but if you require any help or advice please dont hesitate to contact our customer services.

    Kind Regards

    Product Rating
    Something that works at last
    Review by Red Glory
    As a man in his mid 40s with a 25 year history of overactive bladder I had just about given up hope of ever getting better.I have seen numerous Urologists, had cystoscopies, various urodynamic tests, bladder retraining / mapping, a selection of bladder drugs such as tolterodine, Oxybutynin, Mirabegron, Solifenacin, Darifenacin, Tamsulosin,
    amitriptyline, duloxetine, antihistamines with zero or minimal effect. I’ve tried herbal supplements such as pumpkin seed, vitamin combinations, completed a course to remove Candida overgrowth, tried changing my diet to remove dairy, tried going vegetarian - no improvement. Removing caffeine did help. The last few years have been so bad with my bladder urge/urgency dominating my life that I have been suffering from depression and anxiety because of it.
    I have been told many times in the past to do kegels(pelvic floor exercises) but they never seemed to help so I wasn’t sure if I was doing them correctly so would give up.
    I have started using the Kegel8 twice a day and also been attending weekly Percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation (PTNS) sessions with an acupuncturist.
    The results have been remarkable. The urge has reduced significantly, my frequency has reduced, my nocturia has dropped from 3 x night to 1. In addition my mental health has markedly improved, I am starting to enjoy life again and I’m looking forward to my day ahead. My wife has noticed the improvement in my demeanour and I have taken up a new hobby, mountain biking because I have a new lust for life. Thanks Kegel8. Will keep you posted on my progress.
    Product Rating
    initial review
    Review by toby
    very easy to operate and understand early days for me as to its effectivness
    Product Rating
    So far, so good
    Review by Cocky
    Only one week of use so far but I feel an improvement already. another eleven weeks to go but I am very hopeful
    Product Rating
    Review by Birky
    Fond it very strong. Are you sure 50ma is normal
    Product Rating
    Go for gold, take your time.
    Review by Josh
    Good machine, although I felt the gold probe was a better choice for me. It felt more comfortable than the one supplied as standard.. I am using this to combat dribbling and incontinence, and also premature ejaculation, it isn't listed in the manual that it can treat PE, but I have it on good authority that it is successful. Early days yet, 2 weeks into the programme.
    Small improvements so far, I appreciate it will be a time consuming effort that is needed, but I am optimistic after reading favourable reviews on a private forum.
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    Frequently asked questions

    How soon after radical prostatectomy can I start exercising with e-stim?

    When you have had the all-clear from your consultant or healthcare professional you can start using Kegel8 e-stim. It is contraindicated to use e-stim if you have an active cancer.

    I’m having problems getting and keeping an erection.

    Please check with your Healthcare professional to make sure there are no other underlying health conditions responsible for these symptoms. There are also medications that you may have been prescribed that might be playing a part; beta blockers and blood pressure medicines are a common cause for ED. Kegel8 V For Men uses e-stim impulses to stimulate the growth of thicker and stronger nerves and fibres in the pelvic floor, improving blood flow, nerve sensitivity and reactivity. If you also find you have bladder and bowel control problems, this might be a sign the pelvic floor needs strengthening. These programmes will help your overall pelvic health and reduce atrophy in ageing muscles.

    Following surgery, I have been using incontinence pads, but I want my continence back. Will this help?

    There are clinically proven pre-set programmes for stress incontinence (leaks when pressure is put on the bladder) and overactive bladder (the urge cannot be controlled). What you will find is that strengthening the pelvic floor will also help reduce night-time toilet visits - it’s average to go once a night, but any more than that and it’s called nocturia. 

    Using e-stim, you’ll find the impulses will help the brain to locate the pelvic floor muscles and, by following the 12-week programme created by Physio Amanda Savage, you’ll re-sync the muscles with your brain, restoring proper bladder function.

    Can this help with stress incontinence?

    Stress incontinence is leakage that occurs when the bladder is under pressure or during high impact, say when you cough or jump. This is a common problem following surgery, if the pelvic floor muscles have weakened due to ageing, or from frequent stretch and straining from a chronic cough or constipation. Exercising using Kegel8’s e-stim will make the pelvic floor muscles fibres repeatedly contract and relax to encourage them to grow and have a better blood and nerve supply. E-stim improves the health of the pelvic floor tissues and seems to be effective in counteracting muscle atrophy and muscle dysfunction.

    Will V For Men help strengthen my erections?

    Yes! Pelvic floor exercises using Kegel8 can help, but please check there are no underlying health issues. A stronger pelvic floor boosted by e-stim impulses will make the muscle fibres repeatedly contract and relax to encourage them to grow and have a better blood and nerve supply. E-stim improves the health of the pelvic floor tissues and seems to be effective in counteracting muscle atrophy and muscle dysfunction too.

    I am due to have pelvic surgery and already have leaking problems. How soon after the surgery will I be able to start using this device?

    If you do not have an active pelvic cancer, then you could start your pelvic floor muscle exercising BEFORE surgery. This will help to get the ‘ball rolling’ and start energising the muscles and circulation with e-stim. Following surgery, you should wait approximately 12 weeks or follow advice from your healthcare provider. The quicker you start the quicker you’ll receive the benefits, and your recovery and recuperation time may be shortened. Not only will you have strengthened muscles and nerves, but you will also help to combat atrophy which comes with ageing.