Kegels for Men - Why Pelvic Floor Exercise Isn't Just For Girls

Kegel8 - Urinary Stress Incontinence in MenUrinary incontinence in men doesn't have to be an inevitable part of getting older. It can happen at any age for any number of reasons. It can be caused by a weak urinary sphincter, an over-active bladder or a bladder that doesn't contract. Having a prostatectomy is the leading reason behind male stress incontinence.

I've been diagnosed with stress incontinence, what are my options?

Your doctor may advise you on medication, penile clamps, collagen injections or a condom like external catheter attached to a drainage bag. If surgery is needed there's an artificial sphincter, urinary diversion and the most common sling procedure; where a strip of material is wrapped around the urethra and attached to each side of the pelvic bone.

Can stress incontinence in men be cured without surgery?

Performing regular 'kegels' or pelvic floor exercises with or without the help of a pelvic floor exerciser can help improve or completely restore bladder control. For a handy how-to, have a look at "How can I exercise my pelvic floor?" from our article on piles prevention. Kegels for men have an added benefit of harder, longer lasting erections and a slightly larger penis. You'll reap the added rewards of greater stamina and control too! Who wouldn't like that?

The Kegel8 Incontinence Blacklist also applies to men as does cutting back on smoking, steering clear of constipation and keeping your weight down. Keep this in mind and you can avoid surgery all together!

3 thoughts on “Kegels for Men - Why Pelvic Floor Exercise Isn't Just For Girls”

  • Curious

    Can you please confirm that Kegal 8 is for females only, I have recently had to have my prostrate out and am in the recovering stage with incontinence. I have read several web sites but still do not know if my exercising is right or doing any good, is Kegel recommended for men?

  • Kegel8

    Dear Curious,

    We sell a lot of units to men who get really good results. One customer said he'd regained control within 2 weeks of using it, some consolation for what you've been through.</p>

    I'd point you in the direction of the Ultra Vaginal & Anal, if you telephone your order in we can exchange the vaginal probe for <a href="" target="_blank" title="Slim Anal or Vaginal Probe on Kegel8" rel="nofollow">the slim one</a> this will help with exercising the back part of the pelvic floor.

    We are looking into a machine for men, at least 6 months away I am afraid.

    You may also find the <a href=" " target="_blank" title=Dribblestop on StressNoMore" rel="nofollow">Dribblestop</a> really useful, its from Canada and we sell loads, great when you are out and about and don't want an accident.

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