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Orchid Cancer Survey Reveals the Facts on Testicular Cancer

A study published just last week on the BBC News revealed that more than two thirds of men do not know how to check themselves for testicular cancer. At Kegel8, we are passionate about men’s health, and were very shocked by these statistics – read on to learn more about testicular cancer, symptoms, signs and how to check yourself.

More than two-thirds of men don’t know how to check themselves for testicular cancer

The survey, carried out by UK male cancer charity Orchid spoke to 3000 men aged between 15-45 to ask what they knew about testicular cancer, their attitudes towards it and what they would do if they found a lump. Testicular cancer is the most common form of cancer in men aged between 15-45, and every year almost 2500 men under 45 are diagnosed with the illness.

Top 5 Testicular Cancer Facts Revealed In The Survey

  • 68% of men do not know how to check themselves for testicular cancer
  • 50% of those surveyed would avoid going to their GP if they found a lump
  • If caught early, testicular cancer is 98% curable
  • Only 21% of men check themselves regularly
  • Office workers are the least likely to regularly check themselves

Do you know the symptoms of testicular cancer?


We’re hoping that Orchid’s campaign and research will raise awareness of testicular cancer and other male cancers and encourage men of all ages to check themselves regularly and go to their GP with any changes. In other parts of the world, however, cancer charities are taking rather a more graphic approach to raising awareness of testicular cancer – Brazil’s Association of Personal Assistance for Cancer has created a spokesperson known as Señor Testiculo (Mr Testicle) – a life size pair of testicles that the association says is “a fun way of broaching a traditionally taboo subject” and gives advice on self-checking for testicular cancer.

How to self-check for testicular cancer


We’re not saying that pelvic floor exercise will prevent you from getting, or treat you if you are suffering testicular cancer, but at Kegel8 we just want to raise awareness about the illness as it is 98% curable if caught early – so follow Señor Testiculo’s advice and check yourself regularly for any signs of change, and don’t be embarrassed to see your doctor.

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  • […] You can check for these signs yourself by doing a self-examination about once a month. This only takes a minute or so and can be done in the shower. Just gently roll each testicle between your thumb and fingers, checking for the changes above. They should be smooth, firm and comfortable to touch. It’s normal for one to be bigger than the other or for the left one to hang lower, so don’t worry! By checking regularly you’ll learn what is and isn’t normal for your body. You can find more info on self checks in our blog about them. […]