Everyone knows that a Kegel8 is the very best way to Kegel exercise, but if you want to double the power of your Kegel8 and enjoy a workout that's twice as powerful and twice as effective, you can upgrade to our fantastic Perisize Electrode Probe.

Since we launched the Perisize Electrode Probe, we've been experiencing record sales as women discover that they can make their Kegel8 exercises even more effective!

What are the Benefits of the Perisize Electrode Probe

What makes the Perisize different is that it uses both channels of your Kegel8 machine, unlike the other probes which use one channel. This means that twice the power is going to the electrodes meaning a doubly effective workout session.

To use the Perisize Electrode Probe with your Kegel8, simply attach a leadwire adaptor to each set of wires and insert the leadwire into each channel of your Kegel8 machine (these are included with the Perisize). You then increase the mAs on both channels of the Kegel8. If you suffer from asymmetry or nerve damage to one side only, you can choose to treat just one side, or you can choose to have the mAs higher on one side, or you can choose to treat both sides equally and have a doubly powerful workout!

The four hemispherical perisize electrodes are gold-plated, which means that the current is transferred even more effectively to your muscles. The gold-plated electrodes are also perfect for women who suffer from nickel intolerance and are suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

The Perisize Electrode Probe is also easy and comfortable to insert and remove. The innovative design adjusts to your body and can be 'squeezed' when you are inserting it, which makes the probe smaller and easier to insert. It's easy to use - simply insert the probe with the gold balls pointing 'downwards'. This means that the electrical current will target the back part of your pelvic floor and this is where the biggest part of the pelvic floor is found, giving you a super-effective workout.

Your Kegel8 probe needs to be replaced every 6-12 months, so when you are next due a replacement, or simply want to take your Kegel8 exercises to the next level, try the Perisize probe - this is Kegel exercising like never before.